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March 23, 2023

Andrew Putnam

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Andrew, congratulations. Never got the lead until 15, but that doesn't make any difference. Closed it out at 17. Thoughts on the match? It was a real battle.

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, we both played pretty well. I mean, we didn't miss too many shots. I think I only had the one giveaway hole on No. 9, but besides that we were both in it the whole round.

It was stressful. We are both playing well and you knew pars weren't going to win, so you had to make birdies.

Q. And I know you're even thinking, watching like at 14, thinking he's going to make that putt; he doesn't from about four feet. Same at 15. You win the hole with that birdie. He had a great look. Hey, that's match play.

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, he hit some great shots and didn't capitalize with his putting. Then the momentum kind of felt like it shifted when I made some birdies, and then, yeah, the rest is history.

Q. Talk about the wind today. A little different than yesterday. They gusted. How much more difficult was the course?

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, they were probably five miles an hour stronger. It was pretty windy yesterday, too.

It's always easier when the wind is blowing from pretty much the same directions that we knew what to expect with the golf course and how it's playing.

Q. Two points and you've got Harris English tomorrow. He won his match today. Obviously you control your destiny tomorrow.

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, just got to keep playing well. There are a lot of good players in this field and Harris is a great player, so got to play well tomorrow.

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