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July 2, 2005

Thomas Johansson


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Considering the outcome of this match on an let cord that gave Andy the mini break, what is your attitude towards this idea of allowing sets to be decided by tiebreaks as opposed to what your attitude was to it before this match?

THOMAS JOHANSSON: Well, I had a couple of lucky net calls, I think it was in the third set. I got two or three in the same game. Of course, he's going to have one or two himself. It was just unlucky that it happened at 5-All in the tiebreak. I think he played -- he was serving really well in all the tiebreakers. He got a lot of free points.

Q. What do you think of the idea of allowing tiebreaks to decide the outcome of a set in which only one point against an opponent's serve can give you a whole set?

THOMAS JOHANSSON: Well, I think for me, I like to play tiebreaks, especially on grass, because I'm serving pretty good and I'm returning well. For me to play a tiebreak, it's a good outcome of the set, I think. It's just that in the fifth set, it's a long set, and everybody knows that. Everybody knows that they have to be really, really focused all the time in a tiebreak because, as you said, one bad point in your own serve can decide the whole tiebreak. But that's just the way it goes. I've always liked to play tiebreaks. Maybe not today (smiling).

Q. You got down a couple of service breaks in the second set. I anticipated you would probably let that set go because of the difficulty of trying to break Andy three times on grass. Is that what happened?

THOMAS JOHANSSON: Yeah. As you said, it's tough to break Andy's serve three times to come back to the set. I just tried to -- after I lost my second service game, I just tried to focus and tried to hold my own service game because, I mean, it's not good to lose a set 6-Love. I was trying. Also, I mean, I was trying really hard on his serve, as well. But he has one of the biggest serves in the game. It's tough to break Andy. But I managed to do that in the third set, to break back, to play a tiebreak.

Q. Did it also occur to you in the second set if you held your serve you'd be able to serve first in the third set?

THOMAS JOHANSSON: Exactly. That's what you have to try to do. Against such a good player as Andy, you have to -- it's a good thing to start serving because then if you're serving well, you're ahead all the time. But I thought Andy played a really good match today.

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