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March 19, 2023

Scott Drew

Adam Flagler

LJ Cryer

Denver, Colorado, USA

Ball Arena

Baylor Bears

Media Conference

Creighton 85, Baylor 76.

SCOTT DREW: First, we want to congratulate Creighton on a game well played. Second of all, want to thank the city of Denver. I thought the hospitality was tremendous at the facility, the hotels, restaurants. It was a great experience for our team.

Third, nobody likes losing, but our coaching staff is really proud of this group, the way they carry themselves, the men that they are, the way they represent our university. We couldn't be more proud of them and love working with them every day.

Life is short. When you get a chance to spend time with guys you really enjoy, it makes it really rewarding. Disappointed we couldn't keep playing, but proud of them.

Q. Adam, obviously their center scored a lot of points the last game. Was the plan to maybe try to stop him? I guess at the same time you might have had to give up a little outside.

ADAM FLAGLER: Yeah, we wanted to collectively do a good job making it hard for him. Credit to Flo, Jon and Josh for what they did, but credit to Creighton for their ability to make shots, and we weren't able to get enough stops to pull off the game.

Q. When you think back to coaching Flo and Adam over the last five and four years, what's that meant to you and what moments stick out right now?

SCOTT DREW: Oh, great individuals, represented the university tremendously, great memories, and blessed to be able to work with them. And they've done a lot for our program, raised the standards, and always carried themselves in the utmost professional manner.

Q. Adam, to piggy-back off that question, what do you hope your legacy is going forward? What do you want people to remember about this team and 2021 and what you guys accomplished?

ADAM FLAGLER: Just that we're a resilient team. There were moments throughout the season where things weren't going our way, but as a group, we collectively just wanted to continue to fight for one another. And credit to God at the end of the day for allowing us to even be in this March Madness and be able to play. So I'm just thankful for these guys. I'll go to war with them any day of the week.

Q. LJ, you guys got quite a bit behind, made a good rally in the second half. Did you feel like you were in a pretty good groove individually and that the guys were feeding you there, kind of finding the hot hand?

LJ CRYER: I mean, yeah, but I felt like -- I don't know, we didn't get the win, so that's kind of irrelevant to me. No disrespect, but yeah.

Q. Coach McDermott was saying how much of a defensive effort it was to shut you guys down from beyond the arc. I guess what did you make of the looks you had tonight, and what maybe Creighton did to clog some of the shots tonight?

LJ CRYER: I mean, they're physical. They grabbed. I mean, yeah, they were real physical, made it hard for us to get open, and they fanned out whenever you get to the paint. I don't know, they just tried to make it -- they tried to run us off the line, too, make us shoot more twos. Yeah, it seemed like that was their game plan, and they executed it.

Q. LJ, kind of on the note of Adam, what have they meant for this program over the years and what's it like playing with them?

LJ CRYER: I mean, having them has been amazing for me and my growth as a person and as a player. The guy next to me is like a role model to me. He carries himself very well, so I'm blessed to have somebody like this in my corner.

Q. Creighton goes 22 of 22 from the line, started I think 5 of 6 from three. Were there shades of this game that almost felt like the opposite of that 2014 game where one team was too hot and it wasn't even X's and O's or how you all were playing kind of game?

SCOTT DREW: Normally the second game people you have tired legs, and 11 for 24 definitely didn't show that. So credit them for making shots, 22 from the free-throw line is outstanding, especially in the second game, to go to a Sweet 16.

Defensively they're the No. 1 defense in the Big East, so they've got a good defense, it starts with their shot blocker. They got length on the perimeter, did a good job making it tough for us. But take the free-throw line, for instance; no one is guarding us there, and for them to go 22 for 22, felt kind of like their night tonight.

Farabello had been struggling from the field, gave him a big lift, and you've got to credit them. They're a real good team. That's why they're ranked seventh in the nation at one point, and it wasn't like we lost because we lost; they beat us today.

Q. Scott, obviously after the game Kalkbrenner had the first -- a few days ago, was the plan to try to stop him and did you feel like you maybe had to give up something outside because of that?

SCOTT DREW: Definitely. He's averaging 21 in the last five, and it's pick your poison when you've got a good inside outside. Credit them for doing a good job.

I agree with LJ and Adam, our bigs did a great job, but we had a lot of help, which led to some opportunities for them from three.

We kept changing what we did, and they were really good offensive team. They did a good job adjusting, as well.

Q. Adam, Ryan went for 30 today; just talk about the challenges of guarding him. I know it wasn't just you, but just collectively to try to stop him. Seemed like he had the hot hand today.

ADAM FLAGLER: Yeah, he did a great job of just controlling his team at the end of the day, finding guys and knocking down shots, so credit to him. We knew coming in that he was going to be their floor general leader and we wanted to do everything we can to make it tough for him, but he just had a really good game today.

Q. Scott, with Keyonte probably heading to the NBA Draft, what's it been like having him be a part of the program at Baylor?

SCOTT DREW: I think he's really grown. When you come in as a freshman, you grow a lot off the court as well as on the court. And having LJ, Adam and great big brothers for him has really helped him, and Key is a fun teammate. The guys all really like him, and he wanted to learn from them.

Really credit his growth too all around on and off the court because of the teammates he had and his willingness to grow.

Q. What are some of the major things you're going to remember about this team?

SCOTT DREW: It's a really, really good group of guys. They like one another. They're good role models. They're great for the university and community. It was always a joy going to practice each and every day because when you like who you're with, it makes it fun and easy.

A lot of times at this time of year, coaches can't wait to get away, players can't wait to get away. And this group is a special group, and they deserve a lot of credit for the individuals they all are.

Q. I was curious, was it like a discomfort thing with Langston? Was that why he was unable to get some run --

SCOTT DREW: Yeah, he couldn't go today, so...

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