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March 18, 2023

Charles Howell

Tucson, Arizona, USA

The Gallery Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. I can't imagine what you have to work on the way you're playing.

CHARLES HOWELL III: No, there's always something to work on. A bit of a golf nerd too, so I enjoy hitting balls.

No, listen, this is a funny game. I was 3-over par for the first four holes. Luckily righted the ship a bit. Yeah, listen, this is a crazy game, and I've played it long enough to know it well.

Q. Do you feel like, though, that you've gotten into one of these stretches where it's just -- you're in a groove for an extended period of time. I know it's just the second tournament of the year.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Honestly, I don't know. I think -- one of the cool things was we had an extended off-season. So actually I had time, my longest break ever, to work on stuff and to really try to change and improve some things. So we're only the second tournament in, so I don't know.

But it is one of the cool things, like with some of the breaks we have, we can kind of evaluate what we've done, and there's a little bit of time in there to work and see if we can make things better.

Q. You shot 63 on Sunday in Mayakoba. Is there a 63 on this course?

CHARLES HOWELL III: Probably not for me, maybe for someone else. I think the hole locations are really difficult. I think it's really hard to get the ball close, the slope and the greens and all that. You've got to putt really well to do that because you're not going to hit it close very often. You've got to take advantage of the par-5s to do it.

Yeah, it may be out there, but it's going to be one heck of a round to do it.

Q. How different or how similar is this course to Mayakoba?

CHARLES HOWELL III: Well, it's similar in the fact off the tee. You have jungle at Mayakoba, and you have desert here. Beautiful in their own way, not for a golfer. So similar in that regard.

Different in the fact these greens are massive and sloping, where Mayakoba's were relatively flat. Get it on the green in Mayakoba, you could make putts. Here, a lot of the putts, like lag putts, you're putting quite defensively, to be honest. So different in that regard. Similar off the tee, though.

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