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March 18, 2023

Pauline Roussin


Laguna National Golf Resort Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon everyone. We are joined by Aramco Team Series presented by Public Investment Fund Singapore individual winner, Pauline Roussin.

Another round of applause.


Q. Pauline, your reflections on today?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: It was pretty special. It was I think a different zone than what I've been knowing when I have won before. Today was more like really chill, really having fun, talking about TV shows, and just about spending a good time with my boyfriend on the bag.

Yeah, just working on -- because I've been working on a lot of things in my swing and today was experimenting as well and it worked out.

Q. You touched on your boyfriend there. What were you talking about? Anything and everything? Anything in particular?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Anything. Anything. Like I told him how cool the Mandalorian was, how I didn't watch Star Wars, so just everything and anything, yeah.

Q. Was it not on your mind that Lydia and Danielle, two of the world's best players, were putting pressure on you?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I definitely saw them and I knew they were there. I think the fact that I know what they're capable of, and mainly because I've been playing around them for the last year, it allowed me to like just be aware of it.

Then I talked with many different people, my boyfriend and included, and we were just like, stay in the bubble and do you, be you. Don't pay attention to what people think. Just, yeah, do your own thing.

Q. Is this the first time you've been to Singapore and played here? Can you talk a little bit about the course, what your favorite hole is, overall impression?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I mean, I loved it. It was a really nice course and I think it really fit my game because I was pretty long this week and I could really have fun on the par-5s.

And then, I liked 17. It was a pretty tough setup and definitely different, but we compared it to TPC Sawgrass and it's a tough shot into the green and you have to keep it very simple. Made it to the green pretty much three days in a row, and that was the first victory of the week.

Q. (Indiscernible.)


Q. You said you were in the zone when you were out there. What's the closest you've been before to feeling like that? You did look like you pretty much couldn't have done anything wrong today.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I mean, the last time I felt that was a long time ago. I was eager to have it back, because I watched the playoff of the Honda and it reminded me of obviously winning feelings and playoff feelings and I was like, I miss that.

I was texting Brad Faxon about it. He was like, what does it make you feel? It makes me want to feel that again. We focused our practice on that and putting for the win, having important putts even at practice.

It worked out.

Q. You shot a 60 on your second day in your first win on the LET; now you shot a 64. When you had your three birdies did it come into your mind that, I can do another 60 possibly with an eagle thrown in, possible eagle thrown in?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I didn't realize I was making that many birdies. It was just happening. I had in my mind the phrase that my coach said before the round, like don't get frustrated if you don't make every single putt.

I think it was key today to like be patient and just wait for them to drop.

And then it was all about a game that I've been playing before coming here with Brad, and I was really focused on that and focusing on laughing and having fun with my boyfriend.

I only realized what was really happening on the 18th tee box. We were waiting and I was like, oh, my gosh.

Q. Congratulations on your win. This is your second win on the LET. How special and different it is from your first one two years ago here in Singapore?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I think it's like I'm way more experienced now, and it just it hits different because there has been a lot of work, a lot of experience from last year.

I mean, my mom was on the bag for the first time; this week was my boyfriend. I think it tells a lot about I think the mindset that I want to keep on the course. It's that having fun part and being me, and, yeah, doing things in a very -- in a good mood, not let the game affect that.

It's not always going to be the case. I'm aware of that. But that was the mindset.

Like I would say that this week I was aware that I could do good. It's not like two years ago where I was just like, oh, where is my game compared to the other people because I just turned pro.

Now a year and a half pro and I realized where I can be when I'm on top of my game, and feels good that it comes out with a win.

Q. Away from the golf course how has your week been in Singapore?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: It's been amazing. We went to the Gardens by the Bay and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. Experiencing the avatar bubble, it was just unreal. I loved it.

Q. Congrats on your win. Last year you got your first year on the LPGA Tour and you mentioned it went by so fast. With the win today does it give you more confidence that you can compete against the best on the LPGA Tour next year?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: I think it's just proved that hard work pays off at some point. Over the last couple weeks I've been practicing and working out hard. I didn't make it to the Asian swing on the LPGA Tour, so I had practice weeks.

It wasn't easy to be on a side bench while others were playing, so I just tried to use may time as good as I could. It gives a good dynamic for the rest of the season because there were plenty of really good things.

Q. Solheim Cup is coming up in September. With the win I'm sure the captain will have an eye on picking up potential up-and-coming players. Are you keeping an eye on that spot in the Solheim Cup?

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Definitely. It's in my mind for sure. What I like to say is it's here, I know it's here, and it's just going to be a reward for all the hard work that's began be happening during the year.

It's not like I'm going to put pressure on myself by thinking about it, but I'm just going to use it as a big motivation towards like every single tournament.

But it's just going to stay just on the side of my mind.

THE MODERATOR: Anymore? Great, thank you very much everyone. Congratulations again.


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