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March 18, 2023

Pauline Roussin


Laguna National Golf Resort Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Congratulations, Pauline, you are two-time winner on the Ladies European Tour and you did it in style. How good were you down that back nine? That was fantastic to watch.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Honestly, I was just surfing the wave that was just happening. We kept it very chill with my caddie, my boyfriend, and we just talked about TV shows and what to watch, not to watch.

It kept me in a really good place like all during the entire round, and then, I mean, unfortunate that I hit that fricking tree, but it's like doesn't even matter now. But like I don't think I realize just yet.

But, yeah.

Q. It was incredible. You were eyeballing Danielle Kang down the stretch, great world player, and you beat her. You seem to be in this amazing state of flow playing out there. So many birdies in the scorecard, 8 in the final round.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Yeah, definitely. It's always -- you're going to be impressed playing with Danielle. She's an amazing player and won so many tournaments.

But I worked a lot. I was doing my own thing, and I was like literally not thinking about what other people were thinking and just being in my own bubble with my caddie, and it worked out.

Q. Not just your caddie, your boyfriend on the bag. Coach is here and mom as well. Doing it in amazing style with all the people you love around you.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Definitely. I mean, it's special. I had my first win with my mom on the bag and she's here this week and my coach is here as well, so it's very special and having my boyfriend on the bag.

It's like, I mean, all year long we were together on the LPGA and he's working for another player, and so we got to just talk about things.

This week we could just like experiment together, and we just kept it like super simple and super chill and we were just ourselves, enjoying and having fun.

I mean, look where our job is taking us.

Q. It's incredible. You clearly enjoyed your time in week. You've beaten some of the very best players in the world. Life is good for you right now. Got to be looking forward to this season.

PAULINE ROUSSIN: Definitely. Hopefully there is going to be more of that. Cheers.

Q. Well done. Go and collect the trophy. Brilliantly played today.


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