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September 3, 1994

Zina Garrison


Q. Hi Zina. Just a brief, you know, review of the match.

ZINA GARRISON JACKSON: You know, in the first set I was just barely missing, and she played -- I was kind of playing into her game, I was playing too much her backhand, not hitting to her forehand. And the second set I started to get a little power on the first serves and started to attack a little more. And in the third set, I mean, I just stayed very, mainly, tough; she did too. We went to the tiebreaker and I hit five great volleys, I mean, so, you should win a tiebreaker if you play like that.

Q. In the third set you held five of the four times that it was your serve, you held it at Love, and that must have given you some momentum to know that you could go the rest of the way?

ZINA GARRISON JACKSON: I served really well in the third set. I knew that I was going to have to, because I couldn't allow, you know, to hit a lot of second serves and get pressured. So I started to just try to serve and volley, come in, play some points, missed a couple easy forehand vollies, but I kept coming and that's what matters, that under pressure I kept coming, no matter what.

Q. And that's what you did in the tiebreaker, right?

ZINA GARRISON JACKSON: Right. Came off of first serves, whatever. I kept coming.

Q. When you were dropshoting her then she did pay back in the second set, but she kept coming in too, because --

ZINA GARRISON JACKSON: Yeah. I mean she's been playing very well. I've been watching the results when I'm not playing in tournaments and she's been beating people. So I knew it was going to be a very tough match and when she gets an opportunity to move you with her forehand, then it's, like, you're history and I had to try to stay away from that and try to put the pressure back on her.

Q. When you say you played a great tiebreaker, is it here in your mind more that you played it or physically?

ZINA GARRISON JACKSON: Definitely in my mind. I stayed focused no matter what. I said, that if she was going to beat me, she was going to have to beat me at the net. I wasn't going to allow her to beat me in the back court.

Q. Your passing shots on today too?

ZINA GARRISON JACKSON: My backhand was like, really good, and some key situations. And the other day I played, I was barely missing them and I worked on it on my off day yesterday and today I did really good. It was a crucial time.

Q. All that work you did --


Q. -- to get to play Steffi?

ZINA GARRISON JACKSON: Right. Well, it doesn't matter, I like playing Steffi. I'm not afraid of her. I've had some very close matches with her and she knows when she gets out there she's going to have to play me, and I think it is an opportunity to go out and play a good match. You always want to try to play the number one player to get extra bonus points if you do beat her and you look forward to playing her.

Q. What was the year you beat her at Wimbledon?


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