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April 6, 2002

Alberto Martin

Jordi Arrese


TIM CURRY: Questions, please.

Q. For Jordi, if it does come down to the fifth, it will come down to Tommy's match. Even though he's won a title, would you consider this to be his largest, most pressure in a match in his short career so far?

CAPTAIN JORDI ARRESE: We'll wait and see for him to play. If he plays, I'm sure that Tommy will play with character, and he'll play his absolute best.

Q. Could you update us on Alex's situation.

CAPTAIN JORDI ARRESE: Right now we don't have any more information. We know that his hand hurts and he wasn't able to play today. He's going to be going to the hospital later this afternoon. And once they get information, they'll know more.

TIM CURRY: He will have an MRI done on his hand this afternoon.

Q. Juan, do you feel you played as well as you could today?

JUAN BALCELLS: I honestly don't think it was my best playing, but I did put forth my best effort.

Q. Juan, did your strategy change when you found out that Alberto was your partner?

JUAN BALCELLS: No, we're accustomed to playing the same way. So, no, it didn't change our type of playing. And we've played together before.

Q. Jordi, why would you think about substituting for Tommy?

CAPTAIN JORDI ARRESE: I haven't considered a change, not until we go out. We're very happy with Tommy's play.

Q. So he's playing tomorrow?

CAPTAIN JORDI ARRESE: Tomorrow, you'll know. You'll see tomorrow.

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