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August 1, 1998

Robin Burke

Virginia Derby-Grimes


RHONDA GLENN: Ladies and gentlemen, we have with us Robin Burke and Virginia Derby Grimes who won their foursomes match in the tournament by a margin of 3-2. It's the first time either of them have ever played in a Curtis Cup match. They are career amateurs. And what I'm going to do is tell you also that Barbara McIntire is presently doing her pairings for tomorrow. She's got less than an hour to turn them in and she will join us upon completion of that.

Q. For either player, did the team set a goal of what they wanted to end today with in terms of a score, was there any -- let's try to win six points; let's try to win five or was there any talk about that?

VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: I don't think so. We never really discussed how many matches we needed to win but I think one thing that was discussed is we all were hoping we could end our matches on No. 14 and have a shorter walk into the clubhouse.

Q. What kind of shape do you guys think you're in now having would be 5 1/2 points going into tomorrow?

ROBIN BURKE: I think we're in great shape. What is it 5 1/2 to 3 1/2? Well, we're -- we're in good shape. We are confident and I think we'll do well in the alternate shot in the morning. We did well starting out with that today. We're looking forward for tomorrow morning.

Q. After winning this morning, how difficult was it or how frustrating was it to not play this afternoon?

VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Well, I knew one day I'd probably have to sit out afternoon or morning, so it really didn't bother me that much. It was pretty good making some putts but it kind of brought back my memories of coaching days of having to sit out and watch. It's a lot harder watching than playing.

ROBIN BURKE: Think this team has a lot of respect for Barbara McIntire and we're here together as a team and if somebody has to sit out, that's okay.

RHONDA GLENN: Virginia was the women's golf coach at Auburn University.


RHONDA GLENN: What were the years?

VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: '90 through '94.

RHONDA GLENN: How did you all feel -- you won a point for your country. This was your first Curtis Cup.

ROBIN BURKE: I was happy.

VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: I don't know which of us was more happy. We've talked a lot about it for the last two days. We may not have shown it out there but deep down inside we were really happy.

ROBIN BURKE: I'm very happy. I was very nervous in the first two holes it took me until we lost No. 2 to calm down and we started playing hard, fought off a lot of birdies with birdies and we played good together.

RHONDA GLENN: Now you two are roommates together; is that correct.

ROBIN BURKE: Next door to each other.

RHONDA GLENN: Are you all staying in single rooms?

ROBIN BURKE: The married women have their own rooms. (laughter).

ROBIN BURKE: All of us with bad habits.

RHONDA GLENN: What did you say to each other? You said you talked about this match earlier in the week, being paired together. Can you remember any of things that you said specifically to each other about today?

ROBIN BURKE: Well, I think we've been pretty positive about playing together and we played well in practice.

VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: And you know we just kind of talked about not -- if you put your partner in trouble, that was fine, you just -- you had to go and not --

ROBIN BURKE: Not to apologize to your partner and just play hard.

VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Go out and hit the shot.

RHONDA GLENN: Thank you very much, Virginia and Robin congratulations. Good luck tomorrow.

ROBIN BURKE: Thank you.

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