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August 13, 1996

Luke Jensen


Q. Luke, you play Richard Krajicek next.

LUKE JENSEN: First I'll dream about it tonight.

Q. He's the Wimbledon champion.

LUKE JENSEN: I'll dream about not being embarrassed. That's the first thing. You want to get off to good a start.

Q. Have you guys played head to head?

LUKE JENSEN: I played him doubles once maybe years ago, the year he got to the semifinals in the Australian Open. That was a while back. Played him maybe once in exhibition, that's about it. I talked to him and he doesn't have a very good outside shot, so I figured if I can play the zone defense and make him shoot from the outside. We're going to have no fouls, so you can foul him if he gets to the side. Put him on the line as much as possible.

Q. And keep it to his backhand?

LUKE JENSEN: That's right, keep it to his backhand. He's got a lot of points to defend so he's going to be really nervous. Really a live group today.

Q. Are you enjoying New Haven?

LUKE JENSEN: Absolutely. I don't know if you saw the local papers today. It's awesome. I'm going to be back here the next five years. Rest of my career is going to be awesome. People really enjoy the tennis here. For some reason this tournament has always got a bad rap from everybody. This is really my favorite tournament. Right here on the east coast. The people on the east coast really like our type of tennis, which is very aggressive, very outgoing. I feel I can accomplish a lot on the practice courts because the indoor facilities are here if it rains. Lots of practice courts around to hit. The food is great, lots of things to do like Hootie is playing, get tickets. Lots of fun things to do on the east coast. It really is the finest tournament. Jim Westhall has always done a great job. He's had bad luck with the weather, Bad luck with Boris Becker pulling out, Andre not coming back, or Pete Sampras doesn't play. That's the only three guys they don't have; everyone else is here. I'd take this tournament way over Indianapolis or even a lot of the Mercedes Super 9's because they work very hard, from the volunteers to everyone who works the event, the drivers. You can't imagine, no other tournament in the world has this street fest going around the tournament. Everyone gets involved. To me the effort is just there to put on the best event. Any more takers?

Q. That was pretty painless. What about the weather?

LUKE JENSEN: Weather, doesn't matter to me. Play in the rain, in the snow, doesn't matter. Just put some money out there and I'll go for it. We're pampered most of the time anyway, so it's good to get dirty. I actually like playing when the conditions are really bad. I hope it's really hot and humid, or cold and windy. I don't want Krajicek to go out there and feel it's a great day at the court. I want it to be really ugly tomorrow.

Q. What if Krajicek has the jumper working tomorrow?

LUKE JENSEN: The jumper? You know what's amazing, all those guys from Holland wear those wooden shoes. Their bone structure in their feet after years and years of this. Whole Darwin type of thing. After many years, they've been able to perfect a wooden shoe. It's Air Wood, Nike has come out with it. Looks like a tennis shoe, but if you hear, you can hear clickity-clack, clickity-clack, hear them skipping across the courts. It doesn't scuff up the courts, but it's a very wooden feel he has. Doesn't get blisters or anything. Very amazing. People actually believe that stuff. I shouldn't say that. Aren't there some questions? I'm fun.

Q. What's your highest priority now? Doing a lot of television? Playing doubles, playing singles. What's most important and what can you see in the future?

LUKE JENSEN: Well, my No. 1 goal is to date a super model. That's serious. That would be pretty cool. Tennis wise, I'd like to win tomorrow. That would be great. I've already beaten Agassi once. I played the match of my life, I really did. Mainly to go out there, win another major. I take a lot of pride in the hard work. Now working with a new coach, David Pate. He's been working and just grinding us. A new attitude. Never seen Murphy more focused. He's going to GNC now and getting vitamins, mineral drinks. Mr. Hans and Franz now. It's a new attitude we have. We're very aggressive, I think balanced. The TV thing is a lot of fun, something I really enjoy doing. If I'm not doing TV, I'd be back in the hotel flipping the remote control channel surfing or out playing golf like everybody else. I think doing something I really enjoy on my off time. They're very good with me in my schedule, very flexible, if I have to play a match or practice. Just another skill I'm learning. Tennis is really the main focus, what I'm trying to do. Getting ready for the US Open and really win this tournament, make Jim Westhall feel that we're selling tickets and making a good impression on kids.

Q. David Pate of Las Vegas?

LUKE JENSEN: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q. His father (inaudible)?

LUKE JENSEN: That's right.

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