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September 5, 1996

Patrick Galbraith

Lisa Raymond


Q. Congratulations. Being from the Philadelphia area, we are very happy.


Q. Mixed doubles is kind of the Rodney Dangerfield of the U.S. Open; doesn't get the kind of respect, do you feel, the prestige, the press attention?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: I don't think so. I don't get any respect for playing doubles, so it gets just as much publicity and TV time as really the doubles, almost, and I am almost more ashamed of that than I am of the mixed doubles. I wish the mixed got more, but it is fun today that people got to watch on TV a men's doubles match, a mixed match and now they are getting to see Sampras play.

Q. Lisa, you said you surprised yourself with how well you played; maybe first time on stadium court; maybe, would you be a little nervous?

LISA RAYMOND: No, not really. On key points I came up with some really great reflex volleys, you know, I mean, I think any time in a pressure situation, if you can come up with volleys like that, I think anyone is a little surprised, a little shocked.


LISA RAYMOND: It was a good day for us.

Q. First time I saw the two of you play together. What do you feel each of you contribute to the team and how long have the two of you have been playing?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: We played at the French, lost first round. We had a bye; then lost second round to Luke Jensen and Arendt, but, you know, Lisa is very solid and, you know, that is the key because the guys really try and work the women and you saw it today. They tried to work Lisa and she was a bring wall. She didn't let up and she held her own. If at least held her own, if not dominated more than that.

Q. When you were serving for the match in the second set and it got into a tiebreaker what were you thinking going into that second set?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: I was thinking it was the story of the tournament for me. Against Eltingh/Haarhuis second round I was up a break and lost my serve and then up 5-4 in the breaker and lost two points serving and in the mixed it has been like that every match. It is just somehow we have gotten through, but the whole week and a half I made it difficult on myself and I wish I would have closed it out. I would have felt a little bit better about it.

Q. The two of you just got together this year?


Q. How did you get together?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: She was supposed to play with Mark Knowles and Mark didn't want to play, so....

Q. Mark pulled out and then you approached Pat?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, actually, Pat was kind of looking around a little bit. He had played some with Pam Shriver before and he wasn't sure if Pam was going to play and he just asked me, you know, as soon as Mark said, no, I jumped at the chance to play with him.

Q. With two tiebreakers in the first set and second set, were there times when you felt the nerves in the stomach? I know that a lot of news -- the press, it was a real nail-biter after the game.

LISA RAYMOND: Yeah, any time in a breaker, it is a pressure situation and both of them were very close. They had a couple of set points in the first set, 4-All in the second in the breaker, you know, Ricky missed -- he lost his serve for us to go up 5-4. That was a key point there. It is just, you know, breakers are so close, it is just one point at a time and you just got to jump on your opportunities when you get them.

Q. Once you got out on stadium court and got going, did you feel comfortable there? This is the first time you played there?

LISA RAYMOND: Second. I had played a doubles match out there with Lindsay about two years ago. I practiced a couple of times out there last year, but I haven't been out there this year since, so, it takes a little bit of adjustment just because -- especially at the beginning when there weren't as many people out there and there are so many people walking around, it is very noisy. It is such a big stadium, so -- but, you know, you just have to get adjusted to it.

Q. Lisa, after getting to the fourth round of the singles and winning this, do you sort of feel like you found yourself, found your game.

LISA RAYMOND: It has definitely been a really good two weeks for me, especially since my whole year hasn't been too hot, and coming in here I had high expectations for myself and I did real well in singles and this is a great way to cap off the two weeks.

Q. Did you have expectations, the two of you that, you know, coming into the tournament that you would get this far?

LISA RAYMOND: Oh, yeah, I have known Pat's record as a doubles player, so, you know, I knew that if I could just hold my own out there that, you know, if we played well as a team, that we could do very well.

Q. Did you feel that the crowd was behind you in that second set? Seemed like whenever you guys scored a point the place went crazy.

PATRICK GALBRAITH: Yeah, I hope they were cheering for us and not cheering to watch the Sampras/Corretja match. Yeah, I mean, you know, I think they were definitely -- that 5-4 game, they felt kind of bad that I gave it away. But yeah, it was fun. I mean, the crowd really did start to get into it at the end of the second set.

Q. Did you two play mixed at Wimbledon?


Q. Why not?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: She was normally playing with marriage and I think I found I wasn't going to really play and I ended up playing signing up about two hours before the deadline.

Q. I am confused about something now.


Q. You played with Mark at Australia?

LISA RAYMOND: Right and Wimbledon.

Q. In between you played --


Q. In other words, it was indecision as to --

LISA RAYMOND: Both times he didn't -- he just kind of stalled and didn't really want to play, so....

PATRICK GALBRAITH: A lot of tennis for him. He is in singles and doubles, and, you know, he has a little bit of a problem with cramping. He is in great shape, but he has a problem with fatigue and I just think he didn't want to play.

Q. Who did you play with at Wimbledon?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: I played with Shriver.

Q. You play mixed, regular, singles. Why do you play everything? Do you like playing all of them?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, I like playing doubles not only because it helps my singles game, there is no doubt that doubles helps your returns; helps your volleys, but I have a great time and my doubles partner right now is my best friends. So that is a blessing for me and mixed has always just an added bonus, especially if you could do well. It is a lot less pressure. It is a lot more relaxed and it is a lot of fun, so...

Q. What is it like to win a Grand Slam title?

LISA RAYMOND: It is great. Probably hasn't really kicked in yet.

PATRICK GALBRAITH: This is your first one?



LISA RAYMOND: This is my first one, so hopefully first of more to come.

Q. Does this mean that you two will be a mixed doubles team for a while to come now or is it luck of the draw?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: I don't know. We will have to talk tomorrow.

Q. Pat, how far did you and Shriver get at Wimbledon?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: Quarterfinals. Lost to Woodforde --

Q. How far did you get at Wimbledon?

LISA RAYMOND: We lost first round.

Q. What was the basic strategy going into this match? What were you trying to do?

PATRICK GALBRAITH: Just to play solid; try and work Bollegraf's backhand a little bit, approach shots. She actually shocked me how well she hit of the -- off my serve. She hit it better when you hit the serve harder to her, and Rick is a pretty solid player. We knew he wouldn't move a lot up at net. And so we were just, you know, picking a big target crosscourt and then playing the point from there.

Q. Where else are you going to play this fall?

LISA RAYMOND: After I have Team Tennis for three weeks in Saint Louis, and then I go to Europe. I go to Germany; then I go to Zurich, Switzerland. Then I play Chicago and Philly.

End of FastScripts....

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