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March 11, 2002

Emmanuelle Gagliardi


MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. As Anna Smashnova related, you've had a long series of matches with her, right?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: Yeah, it's true. With the type of game she has, you must be ready to be out there for a long time.

Q. Are you ready?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: Yeah, I am. Yeah, I've played her, and I've always had tough match with her. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. Tomorrow I'm looking forward for it. I know how she plays, so my game plan is already there. We see what happen tomorrow.

Q. Do you want to tell us about your game plan?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: Huh-uh (laughter).

Q. You've played a lot of long matches. How do you feel physically?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: Today was the longest. Up until today, was pretty short, straight sets. Today, while I fought hard, I was really out of my rhythm at the beginning. I just always believe in me, always try to go through it. Then when I make 4-All, I think it was -- I knew then I had my chance, and I kept fighting until the end, save some match points, playing always aggressive. It pay out today.

Q. It was very hot. Do you like playing in hot weather?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: Everybody's telling me it was very hot. I didn't felt it that much. I was surprised when the umpire told me at the beginning of the third set there was a heat rule. I didn't notice. I was really fine. I guess I prepare good physically and I was ready to be out there in those condition.

Q. Do you remember matches where you saved five match points before?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: Yeah. Maybe not five, but a few that I won. Like Martinez. Yeah, I had a few in my tennis life. There you're close to the end so you have to give your best. If you have the guts to go for your shot, and a little bit of luck, too, because can always go in the other way, everything can change. It's tennis.

Q. You beat three players now that are ranked quite higher than you are. What did you change?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: I really took this tournament as important tournament on my schedule. So I think I made the preparation to be ready for it. I'm glad it pay out. Sometimes you do it and you play the worst tournament ever. This time it just went on my way. I'm really happy with how I'm playing. I hope I can keep up tomorrow.

Q. How did you prepare for this tournament?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: I worked a lot physically last week, and took the tennis a bit off. Then put tennis on a few days before the tournament. I mean, I'm feeling good. Even today I played two hour and a half, but I'm okay. I'm building up because I think it was something my game was needed, more strength, and I'm giving that to my tennis, and it's paying out.

Q. Are you surprised you're in the quarterfinals or did you think you were ready to have a good performance?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: Well, I think you are surprised, but in the same time you have to at one point believe you can do it, otherwise you never achieve it. So it's a little bit of a mixture. I mean, you're always happy to play a good tournament, but somewhere you must believe before in yourself in order to do it.

Q. Having been so close to losing, does it give you an edge for the next match?

EMMANUELLE GAGLIARDI: To wake up a little bit earlier next time. 6-1, 4-Love. You have to be up after a match like this. You can also take some lesson from it. I was playing good, but I just couldn't -- you know, at that time I just couldn't do anything. It doesn't give me anything different for tomorrow, just some more lessons and some more things that I know now.

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