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November 17, 1993

Goran Ivanisevic


Q. Do you feel you were too nervous, maybe?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: At the beginning, I think I didn't have any chance. He served unbelievable, but I started pretty badly. I mean, not a lot of first serves in; couple of doublefaults. And then also second set, I didn't know where -- how to serve, because I was rushing too much. I didn't know whether to come in or stay back. Then when I won the second set; then everything was going good. And then the game 2-All, 40-15, I tried to play too defensive. I stayed back, and then I just play his backhand, and I missed a couple of easy backhands, and that was it, and he just played good last couple of games.

Q. Did you feel him lose his rhythm towards the end of the second set?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: Yeah, he lost the rhythm. I mean, it is tough to serve like that all the time. He was serving really good, then he lost the rhythm. He did doublefault on set point. I thought now is my chance. Then in the beginning also I should made me start a little bit to put few returns more in the third set because he started to miss a couple of -- he was doing more doublefaults, but then I was always missing, and then on my serve, I served really, really bad today. I didn't have any rhythm on my serve. He was guessing. I mean, he was guessing before I hit the serve, he was going to the right side and hit -- I was serving a lot to his backhand. After a while, he was just going to there before I hit the serve and he was hitting winners return. I didn't serve to his body. But he played good. I mean, he played better than he played before against me.

Q. What was wrong with your backhand today? You had like several very bad unforced errors on important points.

GORAN IVANISEVIC: Yeah, every time -- I want to play safe. Every time I want to play safe with my backhand, I miss, instead of hitting -- if I hit, it doesn't matter if it is going in or out. I mean, that is better, but every time I play safe I miss the backhand. I play too safe. And then I miss it. I mean, like the game when he broke me, I did maybe three, four mistakes with the backhand. I mean, no very easy.

Q. Thank you.

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