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August 15, 1996

Lionel Roux


GREG SHARKO: Lionel's first ATP Tour quarterfinal of the year. He will be taking on the winner of Ivanisevic/Korda tomorrow. First question for Lionel.

Q. Is it something of a shame that it has to come against a guy who is retiring and is being so honored at every stop?

LIONEL ROUX: Sorry, can you repeat the question.

Q. You know, you are sort of, in a small way, spoiling Stefan's party, but it is just the way it goes?

LIONEL ROUX: Yeah, I think it is just the way it goes. I think, like I said yesterday, I am very confident since a few weeks and today I think that I returned pretty well and because, you know, I think I broke him like five or six times and I was up 1-Love and 2-1 with break in the second set and that is, you know, it is not easy against this player because it is all the time at the net and you have to pass all the time, so -- but I think it was a good match for me.

Q. Did you think for a while there they were going to call things with the lightning; was that a distraction?

LIONEL ROUX: No, I mean, it -- you know, the weather -- this morning when I woke up, I thought it was going to rain, but, you know, it sometimes it happens, sometimes not, so it doesn't change anything.

Q. Beating two seeded players here, chance maybe get into the semifinals, how is that going to lift your game going into the U.S. Open?

LIONEL ROUX: Yeah, you know, I have to play the qualies at the U.S. Open, so it will be good for me to make semis here and to be special exempt in Long Island. I mean, you know, like I say, I play pretty well, so I think I have a good chance, chance to play a lot of matches and to win a lot of matches.

Q. How about the possibility of Goran, or the next match he is up a set, 4-1?

LIONEL ROUX: Who is up a set, Goran?

Q. Yes.

LIONEL ROUX: I don't know. I never played against him. I just practiced one time. I know he is a very good player, but sometimes he can miss his match, like I saw him in the Olympics against Ondruska - I don't know if you saw this match. But I know he is a good player. Korda, too, is a good player. I played him twice. I don't know, you never know. If I can return his serve, I think I have a good chance to win, I think.

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