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August 16, 1996

Lionel Roux


Q. Did you run out of gas that third set?

LIONEL ROUX: I was a little bit disappointed after the second set and he broke me at the beginning. I come back and he broke me again and after I finished pretty well at the end of the third set, so after it is difficult to come back.

Q. I noticed the ankle bracelet. Have you worn that throughout the tournament?

LIONEL ROUX: Yeah, I was injured at the beginning of the year for five months, but it is okay since the French Open, so, but it is better for me.

Q. Even with the outcome today, you feel pretty good about this week, how you have played?

LIONEL ROUX: Yes, of course I feel pretty good because I beat two top-seeded players and this is the first time, you know, I made quarters in the ATP Tour, so of course, it is a good week. I am a little bit disappointed for today, but it is a good week for me.

Q. Except for a couple of loose service games in the first set that he had -- he had 21 aces when he was on; there wasn't very much you can do with it?

LIONEL ROUX: I think Goran can play -- can play unbelievable and sometimes he can make big mistakes, so I think that is what happened in the first set, you know, I think he broke me two, three times, and after I came back and he made some mistake, he didn't serve pretty well; that is why I came back.

Q. What is it like being back there when he is serving at you at 120 miles an hour?

LIONEL ROUX: You have to choose one side, I think because it is very fast and it -- he is lefty, so it is very difficult to return. I practice one time with him and it was on supreme and I didn't make any return on the court, so I know he is a very good server.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else for Lionel?

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