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August 31, 1997

Lionel Roux

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. Did you ever feel you were in the match? Looking at the scores, it looks like it was pretty one sided. Was it as one-sided as the scores indicate?

LIONEL ROUX: Yeah, it was true. I wasn't really in the match. The first game when my serve was very tight, I lost my serve a couple of times in the first set. After, you know, I didn't ever serve very well. It was, you know, always charging, at the net, so it was very difficult for me to enter in the match.

Q. How well is he playing?


Q. How well is he playing? Can you judge how well he's playing?

LIONEL ROUX: I think he played pretty good. He served pretty good. He didn't give me a lot of points. At the net, he was very present all the time.

Q. How fast do you think the court is? Do you think it's fast enough for a serve and volley player to win here?

LIONEL ROUX: Yes, I think so. This is the courts where you can play on the baseline and you can play on service volley. Maybe the stadium, I mean, the two big stadiums are a little bit faster than the other courts, but I'm not very sure. I think we can play baseline and serve and volley.

Q. How do you think Rafter served to you? He seems to have dropped the speed on his serve a lot, going more for placement.

LIONEL ROUX: Yeah. He mixed a lot, his serve, to don't give me a lot of chance to return. He mixed backhand, forehand, down the middle. Very difficult for me to see where he's going to serve and to return.

Q. How good of a chance do you think he has if he plays the way he has? Can you even make a guess on that?

LIONEL ROUX: Yeah. I mean, since the beginning of the year, he's playing pretty good. He had two victory the last two weeks. If he's not too tired, I think it can go -- I mean maybe to the semi to play against Chang. After, you never know.

Q. Were you very tired after your 2-5-set matches?

LIONEL ROUX: Yes, of course I was a little bit tired. But, you know, I had a day off to just take some rest. It was okay this morning. I didn't play very good, but I don't think this is because of the two big match I play.

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