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August 23, 2003

Chanda Rubin



Q. Never gets old winning all these titles. Is this important to you guys?

PAOLA SUAREZ: Yes, for us it's really important because next tournament is US Open, you know. We have to defend champion there. It give us a lot of confidence, yeah.

Q. Besides winning, is there anything else you wanted to accomplish coming here this week as far as sharpening your game?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: I think we're coming here, is a good tournament to stay, to practice. We have a lot of facilities to play here. Is good to play doubles before the US Open because we be focus on the tournament and we can take some times to rest. This is very good tournament for that to prepare the US Open.

Q. Everyone is talking about the singles players, how there's no Serena Williams, Venus Williams. Also for the doubles players, they've been a tough doubles team. Must make it a little more wide open without them to have to worry about.

PAOLA SUAREZ: Yeah, they play sometimes. They play the Grand Slams. I think it's a really good team, you know, the two sisters. I don't know if they supposed to play on US Open. But, yeah, I think it's going to be -- it's one team less. I think the draw is still really tough. Is like 64 draw. We have a lot of teams that are really good.

Q. Did you ever play against the Williams sisters?

PAOLA SUAREZ: We played last year the final in Wimbledon. Played them this year in Australian Open, too, the final.

Q. How did you do?

PAOLA SUAREZ: This year we lost third set. Last year was 7-5, 6-3.

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: We beat her in clay court (laughter).

PAOLA SUAREZ: It's really tough team, of course. They have too much power, you know, yeah. They're very good.

Q. As far as today's match went, were you familiar with them at all? As the match wore on, did you notice anything about their game where you had an advantage, where you tried to attack them?

PAOLA SUAREZ: I don't understand.

Q. Today's match, as the match went on, any weaknesses in their game that you saw that you tried to take advantage of?

PAOLA SUAREZ: Yeah. We know that they serve really good, both of them. Sometimes when they serve good, it's really tough for us to put the good return. But I think we have a chance in the first set that we broke Magui. Then I lost my serve and I was really disappointed there. Yeah in the second set, after they lose the tiebreak 6-3 up, it's like they lose like the mind, I don't know, the concentration, I don't know how you say. There we try to be focus and finish the match.

Q. How and why did you decide to start playing together?

PAOLA SUAREZ: Was a long time ago. Was in Houston like nine years ago, 10 years ago. We play first match. We did so bad. After this we say, "Okay, we can try to play again and try to do better." Then he would feel good, like we start to be friends, we feel good on the court. We start to play better. We decide, "We want to practice, we want to start to play like seriously together." That's where we start.

Q. Whose idea was it for you to start playing together? Who approached who?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: I think our coaches. In this moment, my brother.

Q. Do you know when you're going to play in The Open?

PAOLA SUAREZ: I start Monday.


Q. The doubles?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: Wednesday, Thursday.

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