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March 21, 1999

Chanda Rubin

Key Biscayne , FLORIDA

VERONIQUE MARCHAL: First question for Chanda.

Q. Obviously you entered Lipton on a major roll, playing great. Hingis and Coetzer last week. Had you some good success here about three years ago. Got to be disappointing to you, losing? She's a good player, qualified.

CHANDA RUBIN: Yeah, it's definitely disappointing. I played her early in the year and beat her in Australia. Today had the same kind of roll over the first set, you know, 6-2. Just had a mental lapse. Made the second set tough. Still had chances to come back in the second. That slipped, and still was up in the third. It was just not a great match for me. She played well, I mean, I'm giving her credit. It just wasn't a good match for me at all.

Q. Got to be disappointed in yourself because at this point in your career, you feel like you shouldn't let these get away?

CHANDA RUBIN: It's disappointing because I've been playing very well. I feel I've been playing pretty well since the beginning of the year, steadily improving. This feels like a bit of a setback because it just wasn't a good match. But that happens. I've been on the Tour long enough. I mean, I've had quite a few of those, you know, where you just don't play your tennis. You know, coming off a good week, it's tougher to take. Just move on and, you know, continue in the doubles, you know, look to the next tournaments.

Q. I want to get my facts right. When you reached the finals here three years ago, right after that you got the hand surgery in April. Did you hurt your hand during that final run or was it after Lipton? Was it cumulative?

CHANDA RUBIN: It was a cumulative thing, yeah. I'm sure the Lipton, you know, added to it. I felt it a little bit, but, just one of those things.

Q. After all those matches at the Lipton, maybe exacerbated it?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think so.

Q. Still you're like 16-4 this season, great wins. You have to feel good about where you are compared to '97?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yeah, I feel good. I felt good coming to this tournament. You know, like I said, it's a bit disappointing way to go out in the singles. But, you know, I'm going to stay positive about it. You know, after tonight, go out and have a good dinner. Come into tomorrow and finish the tournament out. You know, definitely I feel like I've taken a lot of, you know, confidence, a lot of positives from just the whole start of the year, the last few weeks. I'm going to try to continue that.

Q. Become No. 1 in the world?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yeah. You've got to do it more consistently.

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