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March 25, 1996

Chanda Rubin


Q. You have really sort of jumped into the top 10; you're really starting to make some progress. What do you attribute that to, the development of your game, how has it developed?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think I'm competing a lot better. I've made improvements in my game, being a little more aggressive; being a little bit more solid. I think all around, I've made improvements in my game, but definitely I've gotten a lot of confidence over the last year or so. Everything is kind of positive. I really feel like anything's possible if I'm playing well, I can go out and play with anybody.

Q. Do you feel you're getting the attention, the respect that a top 10 player deserves? I mean, I know it's going to be packed for Capriati this afternoon. Everybody has this thing for Jennifer, but you're a top 10 player. Do you feel you're getting the respect and attention?

CHANDA RUBIN: I don't know what kind of attention a top 10 player is supposed to get. I've never really thought too much about it. I think Jennifer has certainly made a lot more noise than I have over the years, and she's a great player; has accomplished a lot. I have yet to accomplish a lot of the things that she has. I can't really compare myself to her. I think the fans want to see certain players. It's great, it's great for tennis, great for women's tennis.

Q. Do you feel you're building a fan base?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yes, I think certainly there are quite a few people following me, supporting me, and enjoying watching me play. I definitely think it's getting a little bit bigger. It's not really something that I try to be concerned about. I just want to go out and play; entertain the fans; go out and play good, solid tennis.

Q. I don't mean to make this a comparison of you and her. You're basically the same age. Do you feel you've been helped by the fact that maybe you weren't out there at 14, didn't have that kind of pressure on you at 14 or 15?

CHANDA RUBIN: I've always felt pleased with the way I've done things with my progress, slowly gotten better, made improvements over the years. I've been very happy with the way things have been going. Over the last year, year and a half, I think I've really made a jump. It's a solid improvement. You know, I can't say I regret anything I've done.

Q. You look like you're going to be playing in the Olympics the way you're ranked right now. Would that be exciting for you?

CHANDA RUBIN: Definitely, definitely. It's definitely a goal of mine, to be able to make the team and play - see how it goes. It would be, I think, a great achievement.

Q. You did real well, I think, at the Australian Open. You got real close. Was that sort of an indicator to you that, "Yeah, even in a big tournament, I'm real close to winning a big one"?

CHANDA RUBIN: It definitely showed me I could play with anybody. She's at the top of the game. Certainly I gave myself chances. I played the way I wanted to play; played some solid tennis and was aggressive pretty much straight through. I really was pleased with the way I went out and fought and competed. Definitely showed me I could play with just about anybody. The chance was there for me at the Australian. Hopefully I'll keep giving myself more shots at it.

Q. Are you satisfied with today's game, with your match today?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think I played a pretty good match. Started off really well.

Q. You seemed to lose concentration at the end of the first set, I think, a little bit.

CHANDA RUBIN: Maybe a little bit. I think she started attacking me a little bit more and I started rushing a little bit because she was coming in. That's definitely something I want to work on, still just hitting my shots, placing the ball where I want to place it and not really worrying about the other player. I think, overall, I played a pretty solid match. She started playing a bit better in the second set.

Q. When you were growing up, who did you look up to as a tennis player?

CHANDA RUBIN: I just liked to watch a lot of tennis. I didn't really have anybody who I tried to model my game after or who I just, you know, had to see, mentor, so to speak. I just liked watching a lot of different match-ups; of course, Chris and Martina, Zina Garrison someone I could relate to. I liked watching Ivan Lendl, a few of the men. I just liked watching good tennis.

Q. Are you considered the tournament's favorite now, instead of Graf? In your half there are only the easier players, the next will be Sabatini or Capriati.

CHANDA RUBIN: I haven't thought too much about the rest of the draw.

Q. But the draw is good for you, I think?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think I definitely have an opportunity. Everybody can play and I'm going to have to go out every match and compete and play some good tennis. I mean, I haven't really beat anyone like 0 and 0 or anything. I think it only gets tougher. Definitely I'm going to have to go out and play. I'm feeling pretty good about the way things are going.

Q. Would you like at some point in your career to say, for example, when Lipton comes out and says Graf is going to be here, Seles was going to be here, they announce she's committed, she's committed, she's committed. Do you look forward to the day when they say, "Chanda Rubin is committed to the tournament"?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think some of the tournaments I am even now. It just comes with it when you're playing well, you're doing well, people want to see you, people want to have you at their tournaments. I think it's a great feeling, but it doesn't really change my focus or the way I want to go out and play.

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