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March 24, 1996

Chanda Rubin


Q. Another good day?

CHANDA RUBIN: Pretty good. I mean, it was tough out there, you know, wind and everything. But, you know, it's nice to come off the court with a win, fairly convincingly, so.

Q. Do you prefer the stadium court or the smaller?

CHANDA RUBIN: I like stadium. I've had some really good results on stadium courts. You know, it's really nice when you can come out and play well and have the crowd behind you, a lot of the atmosphere, you can feel it. It's great to go out and compete, you know, play some good tennis.

Q. Do you know who you play next?

CHANDA RUBIN: Tauziat, I think.

Q. Have you played her before?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yes. I lost to her the last time we played on grass, so --

Q. What about overall, do you know?

CHANDA RUBIN: That's it. That's the only time I've played her.

Q. Was that at Eastbourne?


Q. You were injured then?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yes. During the middle of the match, kind of towards the end. I don't feel like that affected me too much because of the adrenaline and everything. Few points here and there, close match.

Q. What was wrong?

CHANDA RUBIN: I pulled a stomach muscle during the match. Actually bothered me more afterwards, so I can't say that made any difference.

Q. What would you consider in this tournament a benchmark for you that would mean that you'd really raised your game?

CHANDA RUBIN: Winning it.

Q. Is that the level you're at now?

CHANDA RUBIN: Well, I think, you know, at this point I have to feel every tournament I go into I have a shot at winning, and I have to give myself every chance to go out and play every match, compete hard. If somebody is going to beat me, you know, make them go out and take the match. I feel like if I go out with that attitude, being aggressive, you know, I can play with just about anybody. It's definitely setting my sights, but I have to take one match at a time. I've had some tough matches with a lot of the players. I'm not really taking anybody for granted. I definitely think anything's possible.

Q. It's different than you felt at this time last year?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yes, I think so. I think I have more confidence and I'm playing better. You know, my game has evolved a little bit more, I think it's all been very positive.

Q. Does that match with Seles at the Australian haunt you?

CHANDA RUBIN: It doesn't, only when I get asked questions about it do I think about it. Thank you. (laughter) I mean, it was a very disappointing match. Even when I think about it, talk about it, there were still a lot of positive things about the match that I learned. Hopefully, next time I'll be in that situation again, giving myself the chance to win the match, and hopefully next time I'll be able to pull it out. There's always something positive, even though it was a very disappointing loss.

Q. It should have added to your confidence?

CHANDA RUBIN: Definitely, definitely. It showed me I can go out and play with anybody. I went out and did exactly what I needed to do, it was a great feeling.

Q. Do you know yet if you're going to play in the Olympics?

CHANDA RUBIN: I don't know yet. They will decide I think the 29th of next month, so we'll see.

Q. Something you want to do, though?

CHANDA RUBIN: Definitely.

Q. Where do you go from here?

CHANDA RUBIN: Playing Amelia Island a couple weeks after this, then head over to Europe, playing a couple on the clay before the French.

Q. Will you play in Germany, Hamburg or Berlin?

CHANDA RUBIN: I don't know. I don't think so. I think actually I might be playing Berlin, but I'm not sure.

Q. Hamburg is nice, too?


Q. Nice city.

CHANDA RUBIN: I've heard they were all nice, Rome, Hamburg, Berlin. It will be my first year playing any of those, so I'm going to be looking forward to it.

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