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March 12, 1996

Chanda Rubin


Q. Jennifer how did it feel playing at night? Was it cold or anything?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: A little chilly. Definitely bright out there. Those are some lights.

Q. What did you think the difference was between where her game is at and where yours is at right now?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: First of all, I mean, she has been playing and I haven't and I mean, I came into this tournament, I was playing well. And I don't think I played as well as I would have liked to. I think I forced the error a lot more this match. So I could have done a little better, but still it was a good tournament.

Q. How much are you enjoying being out there? I mean, do you feel that pressure has been taken off your shoulders with all the questions -- "when is Jennifer coming back, when is she going to come back" and the fact that you are now back out there playing?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I haven't been thinking about what everyone has been saying, and what people, like you said, when am I going to come back; when am I going to come back. I have come back when I am ready to come back. I am ready to come back so...

Q. But you are enjoying it?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Oh, yeah, geez, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't enjoying it.

Q. What do you want from your tennis now, Jennifer, what are you looking for?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I mean, it is what I do and I can't give it up, so, you know, I know that I can play well and I want to play and so, you know, just a good part of my life, I want it to be.

Q. Jennifer, was that match any different than any one you played so far in your comeback in terms of she is sort of the same age as you and you're long time rivals, did you feel a more of a need to compete tonight?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I mean, maybe there is a little more tension, but I mean, I just knew she was a good player and, you know, she has been the highest ranked that I played so far. And so that is really just all I was thinking about.

Q. Are you going to set -- are you setting yourself targets or any goals for this year, now that the comeback has gone into full swing?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I just want to get into the groove of playing right now. And so just, you know, taking things step at a time.

Q. And if you had to look ahead to anyone part of 1996, that you really are keen for, really eager for, what would that be?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, obviously, I'd like to get back up to the ranks and, you know, maybe even to the, you know, top 10 or whatever, but I am just going to take one thing at a time and just try to win.

Q. What did you miss about the tennis then and now that you are back, what are you glad that you are back for?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, it is just what I love to do, so, you know, I am glad to be back doing what I love to do and right now that is tennis, and, you know, I am still an athlete and I love the competitiveness and I just had a real determination to come back and start doing my thing again.

Q. What did you miss about it?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I just, you know, said I have -- I had that, so, you know, that is what I am back for.

Q. In this match, Jennifer, you appeared to be coming on a little bit after you got that atrocious line call. Did that kind of spur you on a little bit?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I think what it did was just, you know, I made a few good shots and, you know, the crowd really went wild, and that just got me pumped up.

Q. Been about three years since you played Chanda. Is she a lot different player now or --

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I don't remember. (laughter) I mean, she is always, I think, you know, she has always been an attacking style player and she hits the ball very hard and very solid and, you know, I mean, she played well.

Q. Do you feel different each time you step on court or is it now just starting to, you know, flow as it should?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: It is not quite to that point yet, so, you know, there is just other things that come into play besides just me playing on the court and, you know, of course, it is -- emotions come into play.

Q. You seem very fitter. Are you doing anything for your conditioning?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I have just been working out really hard and I guess that is what it is. I mean, of course I do off-court training and on-court training, so it has just got me fit.

Q. Jennifer, is your father your coach now?


Q. Any chance that that could change; that you can get somebody else to coach you or have you not taken it that far yet?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: No, I am happy with the way things are right now.

Q. Jennifer, what was the problem with your serve tonight?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, you know, I didn't hit it as quite as well as I'd like to hit it. So it really wasn't a weapon. I just got to work more on my serve and just, you know, it is hard to get the same power like I used to have, you know, take a lot of work on your shoulder.

Q. The gold medal was the biggest thing that you won. What would be going through your mind come July the Olympics being in Atlanta?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, if I am up there and to be good enough to play, then that is great, but if not, you know, it is okay that I am not there.

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