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February 16, 2023

Steve Stricker

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Just a few thoughts on being back out. I know this isn't the first event of the season by any means, but just how you're feeling heading into the week here.

STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, excited to be here. Always a special place for us to come down to Naples. Spent a lot time in the area over the years with the QBE Shootout and obviously the Chubb Classic here a couple years ago I played in.

So always fun to come back here and have a lot of friends in the area, see some familiar faces, and we just enjoy coming. My family is here with me this week, Nicki and the kids, so it's always been a special week for us to come here.

Q. How often do you have everybody with you on the road?

STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, they didn't come to Hawaii this year, but Mario was caddieing for me, so that's family. But, yeah, usually it's a family deal for us were. Kids want to come here and they enjoy coming here. They're playing golf somewhere today.

Actually, Izzy, our youngest one, is caddieing for Mario this week, so, yeah, a lot of family on the bags this week, so it's fun being with everybody.

Q. And just as far as the course goes, how does this course, what do you like, not like? How does it set up for your game?

STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, last time I played here couple years ago I had a good week. The course is in great shape again. You know, it's a tight course. It's not overly long, but you've got to put the ball in play off the tee. It's strategic off the tee. You have to find the fairways, and then kind of opens up the holes for you with some short irons in your hands, some reachable par-5s.

The scoring is usually pretty good unless the wind really kicks up, which it can here, too. Yeah, I'm excited about the course and being here. It's in great shape again.

Q. Has it sunk in what kind of stretch you're on right now having won three in a row with Hualalai a few weeks ago and four of your last five tournaments out here?

STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, I think about it a little bit. Brings a smile to my face knowing that I played well out here the last five events or so.

But each week is new. We haven't played for three weeks, so spent a lot of time -- I was in Orlando with Nicki and the kids and, you know, wasn't grinding on my game but playing a lot kind of thing.

Yeah, I'm just trying to keep that rolling and keep that going and try to get in contention and win again, and that's kind of my goal each and every time I come out here to tee it up.

Q. You plan on playing in Palm Springs?


Q. You know the tradition there Mission Hills?

STEVE STRICKER: Jumping in the pond? What's the name of the pond?

Q. Poppie's.

STEVE STRICKER: Poppie's Pond.

Q. Will you carry on the tradition?

STEVE STRICKER: I don't know if I would. Are we expected to? Do they have a robe for me when I come out? You know, it would be tempting to probably do that knowing the tradition there.

It's sad that the women aren't there, to be quite honest with you. I always enjoyed watching that event. I'm a big fan of all golf, women's golf, all golf, right, Korn Ferry Tour. I love watching, especially the last few holes of those final days. I always tuned into that. My girls being golfers, you know, we watch a lot of LPGA golf.

Yeah, so yeah, probably would be very tempting just to take off and jump in Poppie's Pond, but hopefully I have to make that decision when the time comes.

Yeah, that's getting ahead of ourselves, and I don't like to go there, you know?

Q. Cannonball or swan dive?

STEVE STRICKER: Cannonball for sure.

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