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February 12, 2023

Jon Rahm

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

TPC Scottsdale

Quick Quotes

Q. How frustrating a day was it for you?

JON RAHM: I mean, it wasn't that frustrating. Same tone of the other days pretty much. The only difference Friday is I drove it a little bit better. I'm not sure I could have done much better the last two days, honestly. I didn't feel like I made bad swings, but I put myself in bad spots.

If I hadn't gotten some of those par saves I wouldn't even have been close to being up there, let alone being in the final group. So a lot to be proud of.

Q. What does it say about your resiliency to stick with it when you hit a bad drive and then you were able to recover?

JON RAHM: Yeah, I mean, it is what it is. Sometimes you need to do it. I feel like you do it once, you do it twice and then a bit of the confidence goes south and you think you can do it again. I felt like I did a really good job.

The only one that I'm going to be thinking about for awhile is maybe that stretch of 15, 16. None of 'em were bad swings and both of 'em cost me a shot. So it is what it is. Still pissed at 15, to be honest. With that wind right-to-left, that ball squirted to the right of the semi and ended up in the water. Arguably one of the better swings of the week that ended up there.

But besides that, again, a lot to be proud of. Gave myself plenty of chances. In the times that I was out of position I was able to minimize damage. But still, if you told me early in the week 19-under was going to be winning I would think they would have won by six or seven because of the wind conditions we had all week.

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