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February 11, 2023

Jon Rahm

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

TPC Scottsdale

Quick Quotes

Q. Would you say that this round was one that Seve would be proud of?

JON RAHM: Seve? I think he could have -- he would have taken a few more risks on a few holes. But I would say so. I mean, a couple of swings that weren't that bad put me in some bad situations. I was able to scramble really well.

To be even par through 11 was challenging. I had to dig deep to make a few putts and keep the round going. The few birdie putts that I had I didn't really take advantage of. I had plenty of them. In that stretch of 2, 3 and 4 I wish I would have gotten a couple more than I did. At least an easier 2-putt on 3.

Had a putt on 6. Had a putt on 7. Had a putt on 9. At least I made the par putts, right. But, yeah, after that I got a couple fortunate bounces.

On 14 I got a little lucky and was able to make a birdie from a really, really one of the worse swings of the day. So I can't really say much.

One thing to learn from Seve is that there's thousands of ways to post a score. He had more than others. But I'm glad that I was able to pull through with an under par, in the 60s, round today.

Q. You won this year from tied for the lead going into the final round. You won one coming from behind. Do you like being the chaser or chasee?

JON RAHM: Even though it might be a little mentally more demanding being on the lead, you always want to be on the lead. You have to shoot -- you actually have a cushion, right? It's better. Like if I shoot 5-under tomorrow, Scottie shoots 4, he wins. Simple as that. I know that's very simple math. I get it. But, you know, being on the lead is always better. That's all I can say.

Q. You've come very close here. I don't think you've ever finished worse than 16th or something. Does that give you extra incentive to actually get this thing done on Sunday or do you feel like it's inevitable that eventually you are going to meet with the trophy here?

JON RAHM: I have had good finishes, but I've never gone down the stretch into the back nine with a chance to win. For the most part I've actually played a really good back nine to put myself in that top 10. My best finish doing exactly that was when I was an amateur.

So hopefully tomorrow I can get off a better start, play a good front nine and go in that back nine with a solid chance of getting it done.

Q. Knowing your history here from Arizona State to living here, safe to say this one might mean a little more than some other ones out there?

JON RAHM: I mean, every win's pretty good, I'm not going to lie. I would love to be able to do what I did in Spain. I was Spanish Amateur champion. Won a couple different ages. Being able to kind of close that chapter of pro and amateur career by winning the Spanish Open as a pro was very sweet.

So as the ASU Thunderbird champion I would love to be able to win here again in what's now home to me and my family. I don't know if it would be added or not. I think because of the crowd and being home it will feel obviously extremely nice. But it will probably be very similar to what I've experienced in Spain. So hopefully I can get it done.

Q. The whole sequence on 16 with your group. Can you just talk about what was going through your head when all of that was happening?

JON RAHM: Honestly, all that was going through my head was -- last year on Sunday I was basically the opposite putt to a back pin. I had about 35 feet from the center of the green. JT chipped in from the back and the crowd went nuts. And all I could think of is I'm hoping I make this putt. Because after he chips in, if I make it they're going to go pretty crazy. So after Adam hits it close, I'm all the way back there. I'm hoping to make it, but I'm perfectly happy with an easy stress-free 2-putt.

We felt the chaos going on. I just thought it was best to not give it too much time. I didn't want to give the crowd too much time to think about throwing anything else. So even through my routine somebody threw a bottle and I just went up and hit it. The break is not going to change. I had the break pretty clear. Felt like the pace was something I was comfortable on. It was one of those things that luckily it went in and I got to enjoy that moment.

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