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September 2, 2001

Chanda Rubin


MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. Chanda, what did it feel like out there tonight?

CHANDA RUBIN: It was a great atmosphere, great crowd. You know, at night I think the whole crowd had waited through some other singles matches, long men's matches. They were ready to sit through another match. Unbelievable. It was just fun. It was a fun match to play, and especially to win.

Q. How often have you two teamed up in doubles?

CHANDA RUBIN: This is the second time we played. We played in Los Angeles and here. It's the second tournament together.

Q. There were so many great shots in that match. 30-15, the short forehand cross-court. Can you talk about your readiness in the front court?

CHANDA RUBIN: It was just at a time in the match where you have to go for the shot, try to make something happen. I was thinking to try to cross, at least make her think I was going to cross. I knew she was going to go up the line. They hit up the line really well. I knew if I was ready for it, I could have a good play on it. That's exactly what happened. It was just really trying to be ready and focused, you know, just go for it. At that point in the match, we had a lead or some chances earlier. You know, I felt like I was not as solid at the net those few times, so I was determined to be more solid at that situation.

Q. Can you talk about playing with Chanda, how you two work together?

ELS CALLENS: Well, I think we play really well together, like complement each other because Chanda tries to build up the point for me so I can do something at the net. I think we a pretty good team. I have fun playing with her. Also tonight we played a very good match. I think if we even try and go more for our shots and try to grab the points more, I think we will have good results.

Q. 5-4 in the third set, you were feeling it out there.

ELS CALLENS: Well, I didn't go for the second match point. I should have gone for it. We were lucky that we got another chance. Chanda also played unbelievable. We were both determined to grab it at that moment.

Q. How did you play compared to the other tournament you played? Did you play this high of a level in the last tournament you played together or were you really on tonight?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think in LA we played a very high level, you know, first tournament out. We had chances there. We lost in the semifinals there, but had chances, you know, to take the match and win. I think tonight was a bit different because Serena and Venus really force you to play, you know, at a high level and go for your shots. You know, they're hitting the ball very hard and they're going for everything, and they cover so much court. It seems like it's so small, the space that you can hit to - in doubles even. I think they forced us to play a little bit better than we had played our last two matches here. I think it was a really nice match. Definitely played the way we want to play for a good portion of it.

Q. You've been around for quite a few years. How does the experience tonight compare? Have you ever had an experience that was this frantic and crazy for a doubles match?

CHANDA RUBIN: I don't believe I've had that much craziness for a doubles match. I mean, I've played Venus and Serena twice before here the last two years. You know, it's definitely an event when they step out onto the court. But I think at night is really a special occasion here in New York. People get into it. You know, you're under the lights. I think it just makes it seem a whole lot more intimate, gives it that much more atmosphere.

Q. Comparing the atmosphere to the GHI Bronx Tennis Classic is different. Is this your biggest match?

ELS CALLENS: Yeah, I would say so for the doubles. I think also at the Olympics, we had a pretty big match against them. We lost against them in semifinals, but then we had another big match to play for Bronx. We took that. That was also a big experience. Also sometimes in like Fed Cup matches you can have this unbelievable, electrifying atmosphere. I must say I like it really much when the atmosphere is really good. I like to play in a very good atmosphere, when the people shout, they're behind you. I really like it.

Q. How about beating the Williams sisters? Does that mean anything special to you?

ELS CALLENS: Well, of course I played them in the Australian Open. We lost against them in the Olympics. Lost against them another time. I only beat them once, only in the beginning, one of their first doubles matches. I think they're a very good team. I think we both are really proud that we beat them because they're a really good team. I don't know when the last time it was when they lost, so...

Q. Chanda, what about your singles? Are you playing better singles or doubles? Are you still trying to make your comeback?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think it's two very different situations. I think my doubles helps my singles. That's what I've wanted, you know, to get going, especially over the last few months because I haven't had many matches this year. I feel like my singles is coming along. I had a nice opportunity here in singles that just kind of slipped through. You know, I'm just looking to learn from that, take the play that I have and build on that, just see the end of the year through. I'm happy about the way my game is. It definitely helps to have a really great doubles match and to feel, you know, good about pulling a tough win. Whether it's singles or doubles, it gives you confidence. Came up with some nice shots, good returns. I think I can use that in singles, for sure.

Q. Is your knee a hundred percent now?

CHANDA RUBIN: It's okay, yeah. I still work on it. I think the movements, I need to continue to get a little bit better. I don't feel that that's quite up to where I would like it to be. Continue to work.

End of FastScripts....

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