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February 2, 2023

Keith Mitchell

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess the day?

KEITH MITCHELL: Very consistent. I was very proud of the way I played. Spyglass is the hardest of the three so to have a good round to start is good. I really only made one mistake today on 6. Other than that we stayed present through the whole round.

Q. How would you describe the conditions changing the last 30, 40 minutes, with the wind picking up out here?

KEITH MITCHELL: It's night and day. The front nine was probably some of the best weather we could have had. Especially on the front at Spyglass, it's really exposed. To be able to get through that front nine and then play the last three or four holes when the wind started switching like crazy. 18 played very, very difficult to squeak out a par there after a tough second shot. It's definitely going to play difficult the last couple hours.

Q. How big is it when you start out at Spyglass, to put a round together like you did going into the next two rounds at MPCC and Pebble Beach?

KEITH MITCHELL: I remember one year I felt like I was playing really well the first two round, probably was in 15th place. Played Spyglass and ended up having to birdie the last hole to make the cut on the number. Just because it can play so difficult. It's such a good golf course, tough course. Depending upon how the weather holds up it might change Monterey and Pebble, just because they're probably more exposed.

It's nice to have it out of the way, but with the weather being dicey it might not be as much benefit.

Q. How much fun was it playing with Josh Allen today?

KEITH MITCHELL: He's the best. We had a great time. Kyle Allen was on the bag too. Got to meet him. His game's gotten a lot better. He's extremely rusty. Wishing he wasn't here. I really wish he was playing in Phoenix next week. But just make the most of it.

Q. What did you guys talk about out there?

KEITH MITCHELL: His golf swing. He was asking for some tips. His putting. I read some putts for him. Playing with Kevin Chappell and Eric Church, it's a really fun group. To be able to play in a tournament and have that much fun is pretty rare.

Q. What is it about Josh's swing that's gotten so much better compared to last year?

KEITH MITCHELL: He's just strengthened his grip a little bit. He had a weak grip. He strengthened it a little bit. You can tell he hasn't played as much as he would like, but that's because he has a job, kind of like you have a job. So, but anyway, he's definitely improved.

Q. What's the biggest area that he needs to improve to continue to get better?

KEITH MITCHELL: He's always had a good short game. He just needs to be able to turn the ball over and compress it a little bit better. His iron play has definitely improved.

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