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March 11, 1999

Chanda Rubin


VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Questions for Chanda.

Q. You seemed pretty much in control at some stage. How did you feel it switch?

CHANDA RUBIN: Definitely started off as well as I wanted to. I had control going into the second set. I was up a break. I made a couple of unforced errors at some key times. You know, she played solid and competed. I need to be a little tougher in those situations.

Q. Can you talk about that big game in the third set, the fifth game?

CHANDA RUBIN: It was nip-and-tuck. Just competed better.

Q. You made very few errors in the first set. That number grew considerably. Was it anything in particular that got away?

CHANDA RUBIN: She started forcing a little bit more, I think. Her slice, I think she started keeping it really low and knifing it. I wasn't able to move the ball enough and take control of some of those points. Some of them were forced errors, and others were errors where I was going for a little too much, trying to get her out a little further. Just got to be a little bit more solid at that time, cut down on the errors, make her win it.

Q. Are you frustrated with your inconsistency today?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yeah, it was a bit disappointing how the match ended. I started off really well, like I said, had control going into the second set. It's just disappointing not to take advantage of that opportunity. I came out and played the way I wanted to play to start the match off. Just didn't continue it.

Q. At any point, does your lack of success against her in the past enter your mind?

CHANDA RUBIN: I actually did not think about it at all during the match. It never entered my mind. I was just playing another player. I guess that's good. But I didn't get it done.

Q. In an ideal world, would you have liked a day off after yesterday, before today?

CHANDA RUBIN: No, I felt good today. I didn't have a problem playing today. I had a good match yesterday. I felt like I took that into today's match as well as I needed to. It was there for me. I don't have any complaints.

Q. Do you feel encouraged, nevertheless, by this year's form, compared with the last couple of years? Do you feel you're getting back to where you were? You were ranked 12.

CHANDA RUBIN: It's definitely encouraging. I've been feeling good since the beginning of the year. This week has been very good for me. It's just disappointing at this point. I'll go back to my room and regroup, you know, get back to it in the next weeks and the next weeks after that.

Q. The wrist is a hundred percent now?

CHANDA RUBIN: Yes, healthy.

Q. What is your schedule after Lipton?

CHANDA RUBIN: I'm playing Amelia Island after Lipton.

Q. Were you surprised? As you say, you had control, then Steffi just began to compete, compete. Were you surprised that she came back at you that hard or does nothing surprise you about her?

CHANDA RUBIN: No, it's not surprising. Any player worth his or her salt is going to fight, is going to fight till the end. I don't think many of the player that I've played would do any differently. I wasn't surprised about that.

Q. You've played her a number of times. Where do you say her game is right now? We hear about comebacks, comebacks by both of you. Do you feel you're both pretty much in peaking form at this point as opposed to coming back from something?

CHANDA RUBIN: I feel like she played pretty well at the end. I gave up a few too many errors towards the end. One kind of offsets the other a little bit. She's moving pretty well, I think, striking the ball fairly solidly. Her game is pretty much the same as it's been. I think it's the movement that you can really tell how she's feeling, by her movement. I felt like she moved pretty well today.

Q. Did she beat you or did you beat yourself?

CHANDA RUBIN: I think at the end, probably beat myself a bit. You know, definitely she started forcing me a little bit more. You know, still, it was there.

Q. Did you get pretty down on yourself after losing I think it's the fifth game of the third set?

CHANDA RUBIN: No, I didn't feel like I got down on myself. I mean, it was a tough game. Went back and forth a little bit. She came up with a couple good shots at the end. That happens. You come right back. I felt like I was going to come right back the next game, go from there. From the third set, being up 2-0, just looking back it was kind of a steamroll at the end. I can't let that happen. I at least have to find a way with a couple of those games.

Q. How big a factor was the wind today?

CHANDA RUBIN: I didn't have any problems with it.

Q. Looks like she was having trouble with it at first.

CHANDA RUBIN: Maybe so . Maybe. I don't know. I didn't feel like it was much of a problem for me.

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