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September 7, 1993

Magnus Larsson


Q. Were you surprised at the end when he didn't follow his serve in, the last --

MAGNUS LARSSON: Last points?

Q. Yeah.

MAGNUS LARSSON: I don't know really. I mean, I just thought that I have to go for the return and try to go for it and see what happens.

Q. Magnus, you played very little on hardcourts this year. What has happened that all of a sudden, I mean, the little you played you haven't really won. What happened all of a sudden in this tournament?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I really haven't played much on hardcourt at all. I just play two -- I played in Australia, three tournaments and I played in Key Biscayne this year and last week I played Schenectady. So that is my 6 tournaments, so, I don't know, I used to stick to the clay courts in Europe. I don't know why I am playing so well.

Q. What did make the difference in this match tonight?

MAGNUS LARSSON: He was a little bit flat in the first two sets, he didn't really play well. I served really good. He didn't get any rhythm, and that was the key, I think. Then I started to play better in the third where I was up a break; played good, and in the beginning of the fourth, he was putting pressure on me all the time. Then I played a few good games. I think that was the key.

Q. Did you feel that you had to win it in the fourth set or else it was going to be very hard to stop him?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I know to play Becker, he has been down 2-Love sets before, and turn it around. I wasn't taking anything for sure. When I broke him in the third set, I was just thinking to make good -- I knew I had to win the first set also because I thought he was supposed to play better. I have seen him so many times on TV and he always-- if he starts bad, he always have one or two more to go.

Q. Is this the biggest one of your career; if so, what does it feel like to be in the quarter finals?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Of course. Yeah, to beat Becker in a Grand Slam that he won before, it is just great. Nothing compares to this, for sure.

Q. Magnus, do you think that the level -- the play is becoming so close now from the top 10 through the top 50, that you say he wasn't playing so well, but of course that has to do with a lot about you were playing much better?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I am not even to 50, so --

Q. Is it --

MAGNUS LARSSON: It is so close between the good players and the guys that stop there -- the 50 guy, but the top 10 is playing more solid the whole year. I mean, if you 50, 60, you don't play so solid and that is where the best guys are always doing good. They are always in the quarter final; always doing well in the tournaments. I have to be a little bit more consistent.

Q. How did you do in Schenectady?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I lost to Novacek, second round.

Q. It is more important to do well here?


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