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September 1, 1996

Goran Ivanisevic


Q. Goran, what was the disputed call in the tiebreak on your serve?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: I mean, it's not so nice when the guy calls me foot fault on the match point, I hit an ace, was so happy to hit an ace and a foot fault from nowhere. Then I had a double-fault. It's good thing I stay calm. I didn't tell him anything. I hit an ace next point and won the match.

Q. You did tell him something after the match was over.

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Oh, yeah, I told him a lot of things (laughter).

Q. Could you share that conversation with us?


Q. Goran, how did you keep your cool? Sometimes you've had a problem doing that.

GORAN IVANESEVIC: You have to because it's too important, this tournament. I came to the tiebreak 10-9, 9-8, I don't want to lose my mind then. That can happen. I think very bad umpire say this, especially lines people, they make so many mistakes and no overrules. You have to deal with that, you know. This is a court where a lot of mistakes. You have to try to stay cool. If you don't stay cool, you can lose the match.

Q. What did you tell yourself?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: I said, "Now just don't do double-fault," and I did a double-fault. "Now it's 10-All, you can't change anything, try to hit an ace." I hit an ace. I knew I was going to win the next point then.

Q. Do you ever look at the IBM radar gun that tells you how fast you hit a serve?


Q. Does it ever surprise you, are you impressed, gauge yourself by it?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Sometimes when I'm 40-Love up, I go for the big one. Every time I go for big one, you hit a slow one. You try to hit hard as you can, your arm is falling, it's 110. Next point is 125, you just go for fun.

Q. When is the last time you were called for a foot fault?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Not this tournament yet.

Q. I mean, before this, do you remember the last time you were called for a foot fault before this tournament?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: I don't remember. Maybe in the States some tournament, but this week not yet. Now he found the right moment. Even if I do foot fault, he can't call on match point.

Q. Would you have lost your cool and have you lost your cool with the Open and all the things that go on around here?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: What do you mean?

Q. Well, you have not played well here in the past.

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Maybe, maybe I would lose before, but today I just wanted to achieve my goal, to play Tuesday first time ever. I was so focused. I said, "No, no, no, you're still in there. You just have to keep cool, then maybe after the match you deal with the guy."

Q. The second time last 16?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: But first time second week. Usually I was already back in Croatia watching TV. Now I going to stay Tuesday. Like I say, I wanted to be here second week. If I'm here second week, anything is possible.

Q. Are you serving as well this week as you have all year?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Yeah. I serving very good. Today I didn't start to serve good, but after I served unbelievable. He didn't have too many chances. Anytime he had a breakpoint, I came up with a big serve. Really good serving.

Q. Were you embarrassed by how badly you had played here in the past, forget about the injury, but how badly you played?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Yeah. I was playing very badly before. I lose to guys I shouldn't lose before. I didn't have idea how to play. I was playing different tennis, you know. Until I realized I can play good on hardcourt, and this year I proved to myself I can play good. I beat good players. Now I believe I can play good and I can do well.

Q. What did you change?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: I just changed my attitude in my head. I had to have a press conference with myself (laughter). After I did the press conference, everything was work going.

Q. Goran, you may be among the most popular non-American players that play here in the United States. Do you have any idea why the American public likes you so much?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: I think they like a little action. They like action movies, so they like me. Always something interesting going with me when I play, some aces, a little talking to the people around, a little fighting, a little throwing the racquets. They like this. They don't like when somebody's too boring. They like American. I think I'm doing pretty well. I was surprised in Indianapolis, it was really nice.

Q. Is that an act for you or is that the way you are?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: No, just the way I am. I'm not coming here to US Open to act. I'm not actor. I come here to play. This is how I play and how I win. It's different now; I can control all these things. I don't explode. Still I'm emotional, and that keeps me good.

Q. Do you find life in New York better than before?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: This is not America, this is different. New York is completely different. I always liked New York. Before I was so depressed. Before I come to New York, I cannot wake up when I'm in New York. Now I just like everything, even if I don't like a lot. I say to myself, "Everything is great, fine." (laughter).

Q. Goran, Philippoussis has hit a couple serves in the 130s. You got up to 128, 129. How much of a difference?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: No difference. I mean, the toughest serve is to -- to return is like 100, sometimes 96, 97, wide to the backhand. If you hit hard one, easy to block. Sometimes I hit 125, I hit serve in Indianapolis 136, the guy returned, almost winner return. I was like, "What's going on?" It's not important to hit 128, 129. It's important to hit deep serve.

Q. Two days ago, you were asked if you're approaching the level of tennis you were playing at the beginning of this year. You said, "Close." Now what do you say after this match?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Even closer. Now I'm second week. Now I think I have a good chance to play, to focus. Now I achieve one goal, to be in the second week. Now I think I can play more relaxed. I think I can play good. I think this is the time that I prove that my game is back and I can do something big here.

Q. Your next opponent will be either Medvedev or Korda.

GORAN IVANESEVIC: I know. Everybody are tough. Doesn't matter. Today was tough. Tuesday is going to be tough. No more easy matches. It's who is going to be more concentrated, who is going to play better, survive.

Q. Can you remember the last time you felt you were outserved on a court by somebody?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Never. Yesterday, I was feeling so bad, when you're not able to return the serve. Now I understand how it is when I play good and when I serve, how it is to play against me.

Q. When was that?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: I understand when Philippoussis says he served every time ace, when he served to me. Now I understand when the guys play me and complain. I understand.

Q. In your mind, back at the Lipton, if you hadn't been injured, in your mind would you have won the match against Agassi?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: It's tough to say. I felt great. I mean, I went into the match to win. You know, Andre, if he's playing good, it's tough to beat him. I think I had a chance, a good chance.

Q. Would that have changed the year for you, do you think?

GORAN IVANESEVIC: Probably. Probably I wouldn't get injured and I would be fit. Then injury, you know, went a little down, I lost a little bit of confident. It's tough to come back.

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