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January 16, 2023

Xinyu Wang

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

X. WANG/S. Hunter

7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Just your thoughts on the victory and what the key was today?

XINYU WANG: I mean, I knew before the match it's going to be a tough one because I played her last year in Miami, and she's playing very fast and very aggressive. And especially I know she's playing in front of home crowd. Usually she gets very excited.

So, I mean, I just went in there, and it was tough in the first set. I get broken. I break back. But I think most importantly today, it's just to keep fighting all the time and just to try to be there. And, yeah, I'm happy that I got a win in the end.

Q. At the start of the season everyone has worked very hard obviously in the preseason, but no one knows where their game is, you know, compared to everybody else. So how are you feeling right now with your tennis at the start of 2023?

XINYU WANG: I mean, I had a really good preseason, and also actually I kept on playing, like, a lot, few more matches end of last year. I think it gave me really more confidence and to really understand more about my game.

And also I think now I'm in the right path because we know, like, with the team where to work on. Every time with a match, either I win or lose, but I always learn something. So, yeah, I think everything is going on the right path.

Q. What do you think is the key then or what is the most important thing for you to kind of take that next step up, you know, be top 50, let's say? What is the key to improving your game?

XINYU WANG: I think you just need to believe you can do it. I mean, like, a lot of time you have so many close matches. I mean, also you need more experience, and I think I'm playing more now, like, against these top players, so I'm learning from them also. And, also, I am building my game better to be, I don't know, to know more weapons.

The most important, I think from your heart you need to believe you can do it no matter how the score is on the court, no matter if you feel good or bad today, but if you believe, then you can win.

Q. Do you believe you can?

XINYU WANG: Yes (laughing).

Q. Just in terms of being in Melbourne and competing at the Australian Open, what do you love the most about being in Melbourne, getting to spend the time in this city?

XINYU WANG: I like Melbourne very much. People are very welcome, and always weather is so nice here. Sometimes a bit too hot.

But, yeah, also very good food here around. I mean, we went to a few, like, Chinese places. Yeah, you feel kind of like home here because they are really -- like today I heard a lot of Chinese fans came to support, so yeah really happy to be here.

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