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December 7, 1994

Magnus Larsson


Q. How special was it for you to beat Stefan in particular?

MAGNUS LARSSON: It is always nice to -- just beating him once before, so it was -- yeah, a big relief to beat him. I had my chances and I have been playing very good on practice against Stefan, so I felt I had a chance and so it is nice to win.

Q. Did the practice in Moscow have any bearing on this match? Did you learn anything that you might have known before?

MAGNUS LARSSON: No, we know each other so well, and when we practice in Sweden -- stay in the same town, so we know each other very well, so there is no secrets.

Q. Are you still on a high after the Davis Cup?

MAGNUS LARSSON: A bit, yeah. It was just a tremendous feeling to win in Moscow, and it is -- was a bit hard to really focus on this match, but I think it is the same for both of us. And it was -- yeah, it was fun to play out there today.

Q. Stefan was saying the celebrations were quite memorable on Sunday.

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, it was.

Q. Can you tell us what happened?

MAGNUS LARSSON: No, I think it is within the team, but we had a good time.

Q. He mentioned some dancing around the Kremlin.

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, we were dancing around the Kremlin arena in the hall. So this was probably the best weekend in my life, and it is hard to beat.

Q. There are also some problems with the Swedish Davis Cup Committee.

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, I heard.

Q. They all resigned. Can you tell us something about it?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah. I don't know very much about it. Just all I can say, I am on Hageskog's side 100% and I think it was a kind of misunderstanding between the board and Hageskog, I think -- I don't know what happened or what he said, but I am sure it will be no problem, and I think a few members of the board will get a new chance.

Q. I understood they wanted to take Martin Bohm as assistant.

MAGNUS LARSSON: I mean, I like Martin very well. He was coach for a long time, but as -- if he is going to be the captain, Carl-Axel must have the right to choose his closest man and he and John-Anders were together for so long and also Martin and Carl-Axel are very good friends, but I think Carl-Axel -- he has got the right -- has the right to choose his assistant which is right.

Q. Jarryd said --

MAGNUS LARSSON: They said, at the Davis Cup meeting, everything about this. So the guy that spoke out for the press said, "did he know anything." He just wasn't at the meeting, so it is that easy. But I really don't want to say. I am not involved in it, so I can't say much. I think the players were on Carl-Axel's side 100%.

Q. Did the players have any vote in it at all?

MAGNUS LARSSON: We didn't know anything about it. But of course, we have been to the Federation. We spoke with the Federation already, December, and they said, well, John-Anders is going to resign, and who do you want for new captain? And most of the players said well Carl-Axel because he has been around for so long and Davis Cup for ten years. So I mean, for the players no other choice. So I really don't know; I mean, how things came out. But the players, I mean, we are prepared to put up for Carl-Axel.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about today's match?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, well, it was, I think, a lot of chances to break, but no one could make the final points. But I was serving well the first two sets; the whole match, and I was -- yeah, first set I was lucky to win just with one break, and second set Edberg also had a few chances, and tiebreak I got a matchpoint. But he made an ace so I couldn't really say I lost the tiebreaker. He won it. I think 1-All was pretty fair.

Q. Quite a long time between your first matchpoint and the one you won the match with.

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, I mean, it is always hard to lose a set when you have matchpoint, but he aced and I couldn't do anything about it. And then Stefan had played well from the baseline. I think he played forehand good and also backhand. So really didn't have to attack so much, very close. And 5-All he was up 15-40, I mean, two good serves, but it felt the whole match that I had a big chance to win.

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