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December 10, 1994

Magnus Larsson


Q. Are you surprised that your win was so quick?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I was surprised; it went almost too easy from 4-All in the first set, then I broke and it -- I just played great all over the court, and I made him miss a little bit, but I think I provided him to do the mistakes.

Q. Do you think you played well or Martin played badly?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Maybe both, I played really good and Martin maybe played not so good, but I beat him in two times before in very important matches, so I think he felt that when he walk on the court.

Q. What does it mean to you being in the finals compared to Davis Cup?

MAGNUS LARSSON: It is two different things. I mean, Davis Cup, that was what we were dreaming about when we were small, to win the Davis Cup with Swedish Flag and everything what it means, and it is a bit hard to compare. Davis Cup we play almost for free, and we don't even think about money there, and here it is so much money, I mean, you can't just ignore it. It is that easy. I think it is very hard to compare. But Davis Cup will be much longer in people's head than this tournament.

Q. Are you satisfied with your season or what was your biggest --

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, I didn't play good first couple of months. We were practicing hard, and always looked forward to next tournament, and even if I lost first round, we were still positive and practiced the same, and we really believed in what we are doing. So now in the last three months, I have been playing just great, and it is fun -- fun that it pays off the hard work.

Q. What about your biggest success of this season?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Davis Cup, for sure.

Q. You make a big party in Moscow; now it is good practice for Munich?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, seems like that. You win Davis Cup once in a lifetime, of course, you celebrate. It was late, but we could still stand up the next morning, so it was no problem. And I didn't play until Wednesday, so, I mean, that was no problem.

Q. What is the most important thing you need to be among the top five?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I am 9 right now, and hopefully, I can get better next year, but I really don't say I want to be 10 or 5. I just want to keep improving my play and if I do that, it gets better automatically. So I don't really look at numbers. Of course, I want to get higher than what I am right now. It is going to be hard, but I think I have a few ways to improve my game, and I still think I can play better. I hope.

Q. What is your hobby? How do you relax?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I am playing a lot of golf in the summer. In the winter, I watch mostly ice hockey and when I am home, go out with my friends like a normal human being, so when I am home it doesn't really -- I am not that much different, I mean, I play tennis a few hours in the day and in the evenings I am with my friends.

Q. Do you think Swedish ice hockey team will win the championship?


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