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March 22, 1995

Magnus Larsson


GREG SHARKO: This is Magnus Larsson's first ATP Tour semi-final here in the U.S. Previous two 1993 U.S. Open -- well, actually the '93 U.S. Open, he was in the quarterfinals and last week in Indian Wells the quarterfinals.

Q. Let me start with the match today. Not that any match is easy, but you weren't really tested. Is that a plus or a minus going into the likes of possibly Agassi or Ferreira?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I don't play longer than I need to. I think it is a plus because my arm is pretty sore so I need to rest it as much as possible. But I was feeling good today and a little bit in the end it was getting tight, and he had some chances to break back, so I was lucky to get out that easy.

Q. I know you probably don't watch the radar gun, but a lot of your first serves were anywhere from 105 to 126. Your second serves were in the low 80s. Is that a concern if you don't get a high percent in with someone like Agassi, a good returner?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Of course, I have to put a lot of first serves in, but I can also speed up my second speed quite a lot, so we will see, but first I have to serve probably over 70% to get a game of it, so we will see. I will go home and practice serve tomorrow.

Q. And you are satisfied with the way things are going now at this tournament?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yeah, great. I had no expectations at all to go this far. I have just been playing pretty good all week. I haven't had any great matches. Today was a great match, but I have been playing pretty solid. And I haven't beaten any big names, but I mean, I am satisfied with the week and whatever happens, it is a great tournament.

Q. Will you watch tonight's match?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I don't think so.

Q. Any preference on who you play?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Well, Agassi is the favorite and yeah, I played him once before; then I won in Munich last year, so I am 1 to nothing, so -- and Ferreira is a good player. I mean, Agassi will probably have a tough match to beat Ferreira, but we will see and I am happy to make the semifinal and whoever I play, I try to make a good match.

Q. One last question: You are going to play in Atlanta in April. How do you do on clay? Is that your favorite surface?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Well, I was born on clay courts. I was in semis in France last year, so I am not that bad. I was -- two, three years ago I was playing much better on clay court, but I picked up my game, so it really doesn't matter where I play.

GREG SHARKO: Thanks very much.

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