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January 20, 2023

Charley Hull

Orlando, Florida, USA

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Charley Hull after her second round at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions. Take us through your round a little bit today. Lots of birdies. What was working well for you?

CHARLEY HULL: I played pretty solid. I don't feel quite comfortable with my swing at the minute, but I've been grinding it out, just a little bit of pulls, but I'm hitting it well.

I missed a couple putts today, but I did hole some good ones a well. Shame I three-putted the last hole, but I feel in good shape. I've been in England in the cold for the whole off-season. I did go to Morocco last week for a few days practice, but that was about it really.

Q. Were you in Morocco he using the warm weather to get ready for this week?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I did. My friend and I went there for three days. Went to Casablanca and played a golf course out there and it was really good. The greens are a bit faster than England, but still not as fast as here.

Q. What sort of things were you working on in the off-season? Playing a lot?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, just playing a bit. Not super loads because we had a bit of snow and frost in the UK. It was just kind of keeping the motions going. I moved house as well, so and I passed my driving test, so it was pretty crazy last week.

Q. Could you take us through a couple maybe highlights of the round today, good birdies, good saves out there?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I had a good up and down on the 16th hole.

I made a good birdie on the 15th hole, which was a par-5. Hit a great shot in and just trickled off the edge of the green and nearly holed it for eagle.

Good one on 10 when I rolled a long putt in. Yeah, it was pretty steady.

Q. And like you say, what's it like to produce a good score out here when, as you say, your game might not have been the sharpest?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, exactly, well it's my first season back obviously, and coming from the UK we have a bit of a disadvantage. Obviously I've been playing in the frost, so it bounces miles. Our greens are thick. These greens are so fast compared to what I'm used to playing on.

So, yeah, I was thinking today the Americans definitely have a massive advantage, but I love England too much to move anywhere else.

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