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January 20, 2023

Chad Pfeifer

Orlando, Florida, USA

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Chad Pfeifer, great playing today.

CHAD PFEIFER: Thank you.

Q. Currently in second. I know the last group is finishing up right now. Sounds like you had a really great round today.

CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, had a lot of fun out there. Played with Mark Mulder and Gemma. We had a fun group. We were able to play some good golf, get a couple putts to drop. Yeah, had a good day.

Q. Was there one hole that stood out as like a really good putt or birdie that stands out?

CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, the birdie on 9 was good. I pulled my second shot going for the green in two. Was right up against the grandstand. I had to take a drop, and the drop, kind of dropped it in some thicker stuff. I was able to chip it just in front of the cup and have a tap-in birdie.

Tap-in birdies are always good. Yeah, that was a really good chip shot on 9 there.

Q. Nice. You played in this tournament a couple years now.


Q. Talk about the tournament as a whole and kind of what's so unique about it.

CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, this tournament, it's so great. Such a unique experience. I got to meet Mike Flaskey, who initially ran this back when it was the Brian Gay Invitational and Diamond Resorts Invitational, so very appreciative he got me into this and I've been able to keep going.

Hilton Grand Vacations has taken it over and done a great job. Lake Nona here, this course is amazing and in such great shape.

Yeah, the tournament as a whole, you get to see the LPGA players relax. They're still grinding out there and trying to shoot low scores, but you hear them talk about it and it's a more relaxing setting than they're used to, so they're able to enjoy it a little bit more.

I know the celebrities have a great time here. It's a very unique but a very fun event.

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