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January 14, 2023

Tommy Fleetwood

Jordan Smith

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Golf Club

Great Britain & Ireland

Quick Quotes

Q. Both teams have 6 1/2 points and you had a putt to win a match and had you not holed it, would have been tight. How much pressure were you feeling over it?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it's great to get those juices flowing, teammates watching, cheering us on. Overall, we played really well today again. I've actually lost track of how far through the tournament we're in but every putt is a big putt.

I think we spoke this week about those big moments you get in anything individual or team but especially team, and try and get those going for and you hole those putts. So that was a nice one to make.

Q. You didn't get that lead in that match until the 13th hole. What were the key shots that you feel coming down those last three holes?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Don't mention 13.

JORDAN SMITH: I was just trying to think, 13 we played unbelievable. Tommy ripped a drive down there.

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: 13 can't be right. I was talking about my shot on 13. But 14 was good.

JORDAN SMITH: 13, yeah, I hit a terrible drive, probably the worst drive I hit all week. Hit the path, went over the bushes, got away with it a little bit. Tommy had some Seve magic there and hooked a 9-iron about 80 yards to the back of the green and we winded up winning the hole.

Yeah, it was unbelievable. It was nice to play with the captain and get our point and yeah just chuffed.

Q. Captain Molinari was here just a moment ago telling us how much he wants his team to win this. How much do you want your team to win?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: For everyone. We have had such a great team of guys, a great group of lads this week. There's a long way to go. There's still tomorrow. We want to keep focussing on that. The team spirit has been great. Played some great golf.

Same as always in team golf. You want to win it for each other, and we've been battling all week. We've been behind all week, and if we can get something out of these games at the end, even come out even, like all of a sudden we've got back on level terms for the first time since the tournament started and we can build on that momentum tomorrow. But yeah, winning team golf is as good as it gets, so let's crack on and hopefully can do it tomorrow.

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