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January 14, 2023

Robert MacIntyre

Jordan Smith

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Golf Club

Great Britain & Ireland

Quick Quotes

Q. 3-down through five holes, how good does it feel to come out with a point on that one?

JORDAN SMITH: That was such a good game. The guys made a couple of crucial birdies out of the blocks. We managed to hang in there and around the turn, the tides turned and we dug in, and just yeah, great to get that point.

Q. You were 3-down playing the 12th you and holed a bunker shot to turn the tables there. How big a turning point did that feel?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: It was massive. I was thinking there we go, it's such a difficult shot. We had done nothing wrong all day, and Mike actually said to me, he goes, "You're never dead." And I suppose he was right.

We both played unbelievable. Even when we were down early, we had not done anything wrong. We were playing well, a couple under par and they were superb early on and both our games gelled tee-to-green, rolled in a couple of putts. Delighted with the way we finished.

Q. Out with the captain this afternoon; your thoughts on that?

JORDAN SMITH: He asked me last night if I wanted to play with him. I was like, of course I do. Of course I do. I don't want to say no to that. Should be good fun.

Q. You're back with Seamus Power, you were 10-under par through 13. How much are you looking forward to that one?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: I can't wait; a Scotsman and Irish man together is always a good laugh. We had a great laugh out there today. Both caddies have done brilliantly. But my biggest thing when I'm on a golf course is enjoying myself. This week has been unbelievable, I've enjoyed myself both games and this afternoon is no different.

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