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July 18, 2003

Chanda Rubin


MODERATOR: Questions for the U.S. team.

Q. Question for the coach. In the first round you had the Williams sisters. Now you don't have the Williams sisters; you don't have Monica. How do you rate this team?

CAPTAIN BILLIE JEAN KING: I rate this team really great. We're really thrilled that Chanda's back. She's played for us before. She's a great comeback story. She's been through a lot. She's paid a tremendous price. She's had a wrist operation, two knee operations, and she silently and sweetly and calmly just kept fighting up the rankings and has done a great job. And I must say, Meghann and Lisa were very, very flexible about getting people late for the team. They've been great team players to do that. Alexandra is back for the second time. But I am thrilled with this team. They're here, they're committed. We've had a great practice week. We've been very busy. We've enjoyed being in Washington. I look forward to the match.

Q. Billie, congratulations. My question is a two-part question. I know you depend on the rankings to choose players for the tournament, but in regards to the doubles, how often have Chanda and Lisa played?

CAPTAIN BILLIE JEAN KING: You can answer that. Do you want me to answer that (talking to Lisa Raymond)? Never, right? They were trying to remember. They have a long history. We were trying to remember. But they both -- Lisa Raymond has been the No. 1 doubles player; she can play with anybody. If you look at Chanda's record with different partners, she can play with anybody. They're both very versatile. Lisa is the best volleyer in the world right now in women's tennis. I have total faith in them. Also, Meghann and Lisa have played before, so we have a lot of possibilities. But Chanda and Lisa, we're going with them.

Q. My other question is apart from injuries, God forbid, but in what other circumstances will you be compelled to make changes?

CAPTAIN BILLIE JEAN KING: I don't understand. What kind of changes? You mean during this weekend?

Q. Yeah.

CAPTAIN BILLIE JEAN KING: That's probably it, unless we all feel we need a shift. I really welcome the players to tell me if something's -- they think something differently, I welcome their opinion. Zina Garrison and I - Zina Garrison's the coach, I'm the captain - we think it's very important to listen to the players. Because when I was playing, the captains listened to me. Because they're in the trenches, they're really the ones playing against these players right now on the WTA Tour and in the major championships. So I really rely on their feedback, and I really believe in them and trust them.

Q. I wanted to ask Chanda and Meghann about their head-to-heads, just ballpark, first time or just what they know about the records, and their thought on the draw. Is it a good draw, bad draw, doesn't really matter?

MEGHANN SHAUGHNESSY: Well, I wouldn't say it's a good draw, bad draw. Italy's got a great team. I know being Fed Cup, they're going to be out here, you know, trying their hardest and doing anything they can to win. I'm sure it's gonna be a competitive match. But I've played both of them before in singles and have felt comfortable, so hopefully I'll go out there and play a great match tomorrow - and Chanda as well.

CHANDA RUBIN: I would say the same in terms of the team. It's a very good team that they have, very solid. They all compete very well, and it is gonna be a tough, you know, tough weekend. But I have not played Francesca before in singles, and I have maybe played Rita once in singles, so it's not a long record or anything in depth that I can say. But, you know, I just look to go out and play well and play the way I know I can play, and I'll be comfortable with that.

MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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