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January 12, 2023

Robert MacIntyre

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Golf Club

Great Britain & Ireland

Quick Quotes

Q. Starting off the year here in Abu Dhabi a little bit differently. How much are you looking forward to this week and The Hero Cup?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, I can't wait. Match play is a good, fun format but more important, I'm getting to play with guys I've looked up to and guys that I've grown up beside as well. It's just going to be brilliant. Hopefully we can have a good, fun event and play well.

Q. You mentioned match play and it's a format we play quite a lot during the amateur career, especially in Great Britain and Ireland. Is it a format that you enjoy?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yes, it's good. It's a dogged -- dog-eat-dog mentality you've got to have out there. If you're playing well, it's good. If you'renot playing well, then it's not so good. But you know what, just go out there and have fun and try and play your best golf and just never give up.

Q. You mentioned playing with some of the guys that you looked up. How is that team dynamic? You've been with the team now a couple of days now.

ROBERT MacINTYRE: I know them all from the last couple years. It's just cool to be a part of an e like this, and have won Ryder Cups and have done it all but they are there to help us and they are there to guide us, and ultimately, they are there to help us win.

Q. Talking to friends, you'll know a lot on the opposite team as well and who will become rivals this week. How do you think those relationships might change during the week as the tournament progresses?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: I mean, they will change this week but for the long term they won't change. This week it will be the enemy, it's kind of put the friendship to the side for a week and just come next week, we'll chat and sit down. But no, this week is all business.

Q. Talking of business, you've made no illusion to wanting to be in that Ryder Cup Team at the end of the year. How much is this week an opportunity to put yourself in that shop window and show what you can do?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, I'd say I'm in that shop window now. It's a long season ahead. I've got a long way to go. This week is not going to define whether I get on that team or not. It gives them an idea of who I can and can't play with. I mean, at the end of the day you can play with anyone. It's just if we hit the shots that we're trying to hit. But no, long season ahead. A lot to go into it, and so I'm not really worrying about just this week.

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