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December 29, 2022

Belinda Bencic

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Team Switzerland

Press Conference

B. BENCIC/Y. Putintseva

7-6, 6-3

Team Switzerland - 1

Team Kazakhstan - 0

(Audio already in progress.)

BELINDA BENCIC: ...let's say like feisty, staying in the match, fighting for every point, even though, you know, it was at the start. I mean, of course it's a new match and season, you're a little bit nervous, have a different environment, you have to like get into the match and see how everything goes.

But I'm pretty happy with how it went. Yeah, it felt really good, you know, once I was in the battle. It felt good to play, and I'm happy to get this match.


Q. Obviously there was some sort of up-and-down moments, it was tight, but you seemed to really keep your cool very well. How much of that is like sort of been a focus like working with Dmitry? Do you feel different in that sense as the season starts?

BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, for sure, the focus is there. I'm not really allowing myself or he's not really allowing myself to throw tantrums even though sometimes I feel like I have to vent a little bit, because that's just me. I'm definitely like trying to be very focused and in the moment and not be like self-destructing but be kind of in a positive way to be mad.

Yeah, so I'm really happy with how it's going. Like, I have to really remind myself and everything, but I think it's going to become a habit. Yeah, I just felt good staying in the match and really being positive, even though I felt like Yulia was playing really good, she was kind of really like hitting the ball faster than normally, like she was going for it more. So I had to be like patient until she breaks down.

Q. You sort of mentioned on court, but it was very like good vibes, for lack of a better term, with Stan, and you seemed to be having a lot of fun. How much of it was he giving you like strategic tactic stuff? Was it just support and encouragement? What was that whole...

BELINDA BENCIC: It was definitely both. You know, having both of them, like Dmitry and Stan there, obviously Dmitry was a top player himself and then Stan of course multiple Grand Slam champion, like, how can it go wrong when you have two people like that on the bench. It's not really like I can tell them, I know what I'm doing, stop talking to me. That's definitely not like how it's going to be (smiling).

And Stan, for sure, he was saying both, like tactic-wise, obviously he sees the game and everything, and he's telling me in that case, but also, he was really positive and like pumping every point. I think that's how it should be. I feel like we were like used to each other very quickly.

Q. Like you said, you need to allow yourself to vent sometimes, but has it been difficult finding that balance between maybe what you say are the old ways and allowing yourself those moments to kind of let off steam or pressure?

BELINDA BENCIC: I mean, the balance is the key, I think. Like, sometimes you can basically be, like, how you say, like be moaning about everything and just spiraling yourself down, and sometimes just to let it out and kind of to scream it out or, I don't know, to do something, it can feel very good.

For me, personally, when I feel angry I feel more aggressive, more brave, and I start playing better. It's about finding this right balance.

For sure I'm looking to be calmer and, like, working on it constantly. So I definitely feel like the big matches that I have won or like the big things or tournaments I've definitely kind of like been in this flow moments of just like focusing, but being feisty but still being positive.

Q. That's something you have done pretty well, you've managed those big moments, if you look at the Olympics, if you look at Billie Jean King Cup, you've had some extraordinary moments. Do you think you're ready now to translate those moments to Grand Slam individual events?

BELINDA BENCIC: I mean, I'm absolutely ready. Of course, when you lose some tight matches, everyone is very quick to say how mentally weak you are, but I don't think anyone in the top 100 is mentally weak, otherwise we wouldn't be here.

We are not just playing at this level. Like, we had all the way coming through juniors to national tournaments to, I don't know, challengers and ITFs and everything, and we had to like be so strong there, also to come here. Sometimes of course, you have a bad day and you might choke, everyone chokes, you know.

So I feel like, yeah, I mean, I'm really strong in the most important matches and in tight moments, so I definitely feel very confident about that. It's just really something about when you have a lot of matches you feel also better, and you have to believe in yourself in these kind of tight moments.

Q. I think you mentioned out on court the support that you got from the crowd, as well. No Aussies here. Obviously the Aussies are in Sydney. Slightly different vibe for a Brisbane crowd here. Do you feel like there is that support and people getting behind the players?

BELINDA BENCIC: I thought it was a great crowd. I definitely felt like they were involved in the match, and I felt like my bench was kind of pumping them up as well, a little bit, and then people were taking sides and like cheering us on. I definitely felt like it was nice.

Of course, when Aussies are going to play, then they are going to cheer for them, and we hope to make it to Sydney, as well, to kind of feel that atmosphere, but I was really happy with how the crowd was. It was really nice to play here in front of the crowd.

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