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December 31, 2022

Stan Wawrinka

Jil Teichmann

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Team Switzerland

Press Conference


7-6, 6-3

Team Switzerland - 5

Team Kazakhstan - 0

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations. 5-0 win today. Incredible match. How do you feel today?

CAPTAIN WAWRINKA: I think first I'm so happy with my match personally. I think the level was great. I was really focused. I was not expecting to play that well on the first match of the year, especially after offseason is never easy. I was playing well, aggressive. It's never easy to play against Alexander but the full match was great. That was the first part of the day. I'm so happy with it.

Then I watched Jil play. I think was also great match. As I told her, it was a great win, great focus, fighting well. Amazing double mixed. We are super happy with the win of the team.

THE MODERATOR: How do you feel with the team? Your match was a little bit tricky with the crowd, everyone was enjoying it. How did it feel for you?

JIL TEICHMANN: For sure it's a great experience. I love when the crowd gets involved, even if it's against me. It's all about taking in the energy.

I felt good at 5-2, I closed it out really well. You could tell I like to take the energy from the crowd. I understand them obviously, but I knew as well I have my team, my bench, the Swiss bench was really loud, really supporting. I was looking at them and really being in this tunnel vision with them.

Yeah, I'm happy as well with later on with the mixed, I think that helped me as well. It's interesting to play when you have a guy over there, a man. For a woman I think it's quite fun because anything you do like on the return it's fine, it's a good thing, it's a positive. You can't do anything wrong.

Yeah, I'm happy the way we played and we got throughout the match better and better, and I think we showed a good level.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I was interested to know how you felt coming into the match to play singles as well as being the captain and also the player. I'm sure that's maybe a unique pressure for you. Were you extra nervous kind of combining those two roles? What was that experience like?

CAPTAIN WAWRINKA: So far it's been great. I was really looking forward to be here for this new event, United Cup. I think the format is great to play woman's and men's tennis together.

It's something I never did, so I was really looking forward to enjoy that new tournament. To be the captain is for sure something different. I think it's so far it's been a great experience. I really enjoy being on the bench talking with the players, seeing what they think, what they see on the court. It's a different vision also to be just outside and to see directly what's happening. You can learn a lot. Yeah, I'm happy with the job so far.

Then as a player, for sure, I always put a lot of pressure on myself, especially more when you play with your team, because you want to even play better and make sure you do the right things. It's never easy. Again, I think today was a great match, and the two days of the team was amazing. We have good spirits. We know each other well. We enjoy being together. So far, so good.

Q. Jil, how much do you enjoy the whole team zone and the atmosphere? You come back and have your teammates, Stan and your coach there. What's the whole experience like for you?

JIL TEICHMANN: I really, really like it. In general I always like to represent Switzerland in a team event. Here is a unique situation. To have Stan on the bench it's very special. I thanked him before already. I told him it's really nice to have him there. He really keeps you calmness, he's really good, gives you these wise tips.

Yeah, as well the team. We are a big team but we really like each other, really enjoy it. Yeah, it's all about that. We have a nice crowd, nice venue, cool matches. Yeah, it went very good today.

Q. Stan, I think you addressed this a little bit in the past. You said on court that you've worked really hard in the offseason to get fitter. You have overcome some injuries and had some surgeries. What keeps you coming back?

CAPTAIN WAWRINKA: A few reasons. The first reason is the fans. The emotion you get when you play. I think, again, being back in Australia is always a special feeling. The fans are amazing here. They love the sport. They enjoy. They are really here to have fun during matches.

Tonight was a great atmosphere. I really loved it. I think that's the first reason why. It's because I love the emotion that I can get. I'm sure the day I will stop playing tennis I will never find that emotion anymore.

Then I love the game, the competition, to compete, I love the process to get there. Even if it's tough, even if you have to push yourself, day by day I think it's something I really enjoy, to improve, to be at my best, and how to compete at the highest level.

I want to, for sure, want to try to be back in higher ranking. I don't know where. It's tough to say. I'm really far back now, but my level is there. I know I can beat most of the players. I know that when I enter the court I am good enough now and fit enough to beat those guys. Hopefully I can do back to back many times during the years.

Q. We have seen Roger and Rafa come back from surgeries in their 30s and win Grand Slam titles. Do you think you can get back to that level?

CAPTAIN WAWRINKA: No, I don't. I think it's impossible to compare Roger and Rafa with the rest of the players. I think we are all different.

I had the first big surgery in 2017. I came back to top 20. I was playing a really high level and I was really happy with that. Now I did another surgery. I'm 37 years old, 38 next year. I'm not getting younger. It's more difficult.

I do believe I still have some big results in me. I do believe I can win tournaments. I hope I will do this next season. Not sure which level of tournament, but, yeah, as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, love what I'm doing, know that I do the right thing to be at my best, I will keep going a little bit.

Q. Is that how you measure success now? Is it more the enjoyment that you're getting from it than the results themselves?

CAPTAIN WAWRINKA: I think it's a bit all together. Of course if I just lose every week, I don't enjoy the same, and I don't see any reason to keep playing either, because you still want to -- as I say, I love the game, I love what it takes to be there, but I want to feel that when I enter the court I can win matches. So far I do, so I'm happy.

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