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December 31, 2022

Edouard Roger-Vasselin

Caroline Garcia

Adrian Mannarino

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Team France

Press Conference


6-2, 6-4

Team France - 5

Team Argentina - 0

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations to Team France. You got a clean and solid win against Team Argentina. All five matches, all wins. How does it feel for you, Captain?

CAPTAIN ROGER-VASSELIN: Well, it's a great day, great matches. I mean, the players were amazing. Today when I step on court I had to be as good as them, which it was not that easy. I'm super proud of them.

Besides the quality of the match, it's also the team spirit. I mean, we are having fun together on court; off court as well. It's great to start the competition with 5-0. You never know. It can be very important in the future in the competition, so every match is important. That's why we really wanted to win this mixed doubles. Now we will enjoy our day off tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Caroline, you had such a strong finish to last season. Did you feel that momentum today or did you feel like you were starting afresh?

CAROLINE GARCIA: No, I think it's a new year, fresh. I had a couple of weeks since the last couple of matches, so obviously I want to go in that same direction I played, get the confidence from the last match, but I have to be honest and focus on the present.

It's my first matches, and obviously there is a good rhythm, but I cannot expect myself to play as good and that's not what I'm looking for to do. I just want to be focused and let's play my game, enjoy, and see what I can improve.

Q. It's the first time you teamed up with Edouard. How did you find playing together?

CAROLINE GARCIA: Yeah, I really enjoyed it. It was really fun. I'm not very specialized about the mixed. I had a pretty bad record. I never win (smiling). I never won a match, so I'm very happy.

It was a good match. I really enjoyed it. I think our games can match very well.

Q. Have you been practicing a few different combinations with mixed on the practice court?

CAPTAIN ROGER-VASSELIN: No, not yet, but we have talked about this, and maybe tomorrow -- not tomorrow, but after tomorrow we will do some practice, because it can be the deciding match, the mixed.

So, I mean, today was a great match, but if we have some more automatism, it will be even better.

Q. Adrian, your thoughts on your match as well? Were you happy with the way you performed?

ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yeah, I think I did very well today. It was a consistent match and super way to get into the competition. Yeah, all good.

Q. How did you rate your tweener winner?

ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yeah, that was a good point (smiling). I was leading pretty easily in the score, so I could afford to try some shot. Actually, that was the only way for me to hit the ball. I didn't even ask myself what should I do, so I just went with the feeling.

CAROLINE GARCIA: Yeah, good feeling.

Q. This is a question for all of you. How are you enjoying the experience of being on a team bench with men and women?

CAROLINE GARCIA: I think it's great. I mean, we are used to do it in Billie Jean King Cup or in Davis Cup, and the energy to be like all men's, all women's, all mixed, it's the same. We are here because we love to play tennis. We like to play for our country. To do it all together, it's a really great opportunity I think we have, and we all enjoy it, yeah.

CAPTAIN ROGER-VASSELIN: Yeah, 100% agree. We are most of the time alone on court with our staff. Now we know we have the whole team together. Five, six, seven, eight people are cheering for us every point. So it give us a lot of good energy, and to start the season it couldn't be better.

Q. How are you finding the experience of being a playing captain? Is it better being on the court playing or is it actually harder being...

CAPTAIN ROGER-VASSELIN: Yeah, as I said, watching them playing so well, I was, like, Okay, I need to go on court. I really wanted to play, but it's a good experience as well to be a captain, which I try to help them as much as I can.

I know now a little bit better, so hopefully I can help them more the next round. But today, I mean, all credit is to them. If one player lose, it will be my fault, but if they win, it's all credit to the players.

CAROLINE GARCIA: No, never (smiling).

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