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December 31, 2022

Mischa Zverev

Alexander Zverev

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Germany

Press Conference

J. LEHECKA/A. Zverev

6-4, 6-2

Czech Republic - 2

Germany - 0

THE MODERATOR: Mischa, tough luck today. Can you just sum up the two singles?

CAPTAIN MISCHA ZVEREV: I think Czech played very, very clean tennis today. Especially Bouzkova didn't miss at all. In the men's singles, Lehecka, I think he played very well, above I want to say his average level. He's a young player. He coped well with the situation.

I think they did a good job today just playing clean, clean tennis.

THE MODERATOR: And, Sascha, for you, how did you feel out there, your first official match since the Roland Garros injury?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Yeah, I think feeling-wise I felt okay. But I think my tennis is far away from the level I want it to be. But I think it's also normal not playing for seven months. There are things that are different than I'm used to. I think I was getting tired a lot quicker than I'm used to. But that comes obviously with not playing.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Sascha, did you feel conscious about the ankle at all coming into the match? I know you've played some exhibitions. I guess it's a bit different when it's an official match. What did you feel as far as the physical aspect during the match?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Concerned? Probably not. Physically I'm not at the level that I have to be. This is not even a question. I'm getting tired I think a lot quicker than I always did. I'm not as fast as I probably was.

To be honest, I'm only pain-free for about two, three weeks now, since all Saudi Arabia basically. Before that I had pain and I wasn't able to do all the different kind of things I want to do.

I don't think it will be a matter of tomorrow, after tomorrow. It will be a few weeks until I'm back to the level I want to be.

Q. Did you know much about him? He's been ranked as high as 59. He's in the low 80s at the moment. Did you know much about him going into the match?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No, not much. I think he started playing well the time I got injured, so we kind of missed each other a little bit. So, yeah, I mean, first time I think I've seen him play live, this week. So, yeah, new opponent.

But he played well. Obviously I think it goes without saying that my level was still far away from what it was or what I wanted it to be.

But hopefully I'll get there.

Q. Sascha, I know you hit with Rafa yesterday. Probably the first time since Roland Garros you hit with him. What was it like to be back across the net from him? Did you discuss the injury?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No. I think is still very different towards if you play him at Roland Garros in the semifinals. But it was a good practice. It was very nice to be out there with him on court again.

But obviously, again, very different than a match situation in a Grand Slam.

Q. Looking forward to the Aussie Open, are you trying to focus on fitness again, not setting your expectations too high?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: I think it's tough to set expectations high right now. It would be unrealistic and also quite stupid for me to set the expectations towards winning or something like that.

Of course, I want to win. Everybody wants to win. For me, it's about getting back the form that I'm used to.

Q. Sascha, how much did you miss tennis while you weren't competing?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: A lot. I think I've said it a lot of times before. Tennis is still my life. I'm doing everything I can for the sport, to be able to compete at the highest level. If you take that away from someone like me, who I think is very passionate about the sport, it's not easy.

Obviously I had other things to do. I had to get healthy, try to be back on court.

Q. Did you keep up with tennis while you weren't playing?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Yeah, not a lot. There's still tournaments and there's still matches that you will kind of pay attention to even if you're not a tennis fan. I think the Grand Slams, you always kind of see the Masters 1000s, you always kind of notice that something is happening.

Didn't watch a lot of matches from start to finish, but I did see some things.

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