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January 3, 2023

Hubert Hurkacz

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Team Poland

Press Conference

Team Poland - 3

Team Switzerland - 1

THE MODERATOR: Great match today. How do you feel about your match with Stan and overall win for Team Poland?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, really happy with my performance today, with the team's performance. Magda played really amazing match. She got us the win at the end.


Q. You played a match today to contribute to the team and then watched from the sidelines as Magda completed the job. Which is more stressful, playing? Because some people say it's actually more stressful not playing. How did you find it?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, because when you watch it, you don't have any influence there. Obviously you can clap and then say some things. But at the end of the day, they're not going to make a difference.

Q. Magda talked on court after sealing the tie for Poland that it was amazing, there was a great team vibe, great to have you and Iga in the team. What's your experience been like this week with Poland winning all of their matches and getting to the city final? She said it was a great start, a really cool start to the season.

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, definitely the atmosphere is really good, so have been enjoying it. Yeah, definitely it's a cool event.

Q. What is the thing that's gotten Poland this far? What would you say is unique to your team that's allowed you to get this far in the competition?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Well, I mean, good players.

Q. There are lots of good players here. Is there anything in particular about Poland's chemistry or depth or anything like that that's been a factor?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Well, you know, I think definitely we really support each other. Obviously Iga's No. 1 in the world so that helps. You know, that gives the team a lot of confidence.

Q. Facing Team Italy tomorrow, have you actually watched any of their matches or seen them preparing this week? What do you think they might provide as a challenge tomorrow?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Definitely, definitely really challenging. I play Matteo and it's going to be a battle. He's been playing really well. So, yeah, it will be interesting.

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