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September 3, 1999

Goran Ivanisevic


USTA: Questions for Goran.

Q. Have you ever served five double-faults in a four-point game?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: No. I was just giving shit to the Kroslak, how he can serve four double-faults in Washington. I come and serve five in a row. Actually, that ball was like that much in (indicating). But four in a row? I had a set 3-2, serve four double-faults. I am everything in control, then I make trouble for myself without any reason. Could be three easy sets and I go home already two hours ago.

Q. Which one of the three Ivanisevics was playing today?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: I was playing. I play great tennis, 6-1, 3-2. He didn't have any chance. Then for no reason, I won that game 4-2, called foot fault, but four double-faults. Every time when he broke me, I made two doubles. He never broke me because he played anything good; I broke myself. I couldn't do anything. It was me. It is not the tennis. I should win three easy sets, like I say, and go home. A win is a win. It's important to win. I'm not happy the way I play after 6-1, 3-2.

Q. Is there a technical problem with your serve tonight?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: I don't know. I just start -- I don't know. I start to think too much, you know, that I have to hit too hard the serve. Then I don't know what I'm trying to do. I'm just trying to hit harder and harder, then I lose the rhythm, I don't know, 45% of the first serve, which is pretty bad.

Q. Can you think of something you can adjust for your next match?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: It just come when I don't force it. I don't serve well, then I start to force, force. I don't know. I mean, he's not a guy who is hitting big returns, like Agassi. I cannot control it. I just start to force it too much, especially second serve. Then I cannot stop, you know. When you open the water, just going, going out, everything.

Q. How do you rate the performance of Caratti, considering that he's now No. 251 in the world?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: I knew it was not going to be an easy match. I know first sets 6-1, 3-2. He passed the quallies, won first round. I played him when he was 14 years old. I knew it would be a tough match. He can be very dangerous because he can play, like today, played a couple games unbelievable, then he misses like 4-All in the fifth, you know, he just miss. Okay, I play one good shot, one good passing shot, but he miss two, three easy ball. After two hours and 50 minutes, that match is finished. That's why he's 230 now, whatever. But if he can put these things together, I think he can be back because he can play good on hard court.

Q. Was anything bothering you out there, something that made you lose concentration?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: No, is nothing. You have one idiot up there, you know, all the time screaming, "You're going to choke, you're going to choke."

Q. Was he the one you're referring to at the end of the game?


Q. Did you say, "I love you"?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: I didn't say, "I love you." I say this "F" word. "I love you" with a lot of "F's."

Q. We were not sure.


Q. How do you rate your chances for the rest of the tournament?


Q. Do you think you can come back from one moment to another to your best level?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: I can. I prove myself today with this set and couple of games that I can play good tennis. I just have to keep that level because now I play better and better players every round. If I play Kuerten, it's going to be a tough match. I have nothing to lose, you know. He's better ranked at the moment. I think if I can just play consistent for a couple of sets, I have a good chance. Then you never know. Second week comes, anything is possible.

Q. What kind of feeling you take out of this match? Are you happy to win or that you didn't do it in three sets?

GORAN IVANISEVIC: I have to be happy. I stayed one hour longer there more, but I'm happy I won the match. All this summer, I didn't win two matches in a row since Wimbledon. It's just nice to put two matches in a row. I have to be happy.

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