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September 3, 1994

Marc Rosset


Q. Did he do anything differently in the fourth and fifth set or was it your fault?


Q. Changing of the match after you led 2-1, what went differently after that? Did he pick up his game or did you let down?

MARC ROSSET: I don't know. I really -- I have no idea about this match. I have nothing to say because I play five sets and I feel exactly like if he was just practicing half hour and go off the court.

Q. Why do you think that?

MARC ROSSET: Because there was like no rallies at all, and every time I tried to read the forehand -- I don't know, it was like a day where I have no feelings, so it is just like if I go out of the court and even if I win this match, it is the same for me. It is like if I -- I didn't play today.

Q. How soon in the match did that feeling start to grow? Was it right a way?

MARC ROSSET: After the first point.

Q. So it was more the mood you went onto the court than how he played?

MARC ROSSET: The match today was like I ace, win or serve then the guy -- I return, he tried for winner, I miss. That is it. It was that for five sets, and I was leading two sets to love because maybe he miss a little bit more, and when he start to miss less, then I lost. So for me it was no fun. Not because I lost, but because it was nothing.

Q. Is he sort of an unorthodox type of player? Is he a different sort of player to boost the people?

MARC ROSSET: I have nothing to say about his game. He can play the way he want, but for me you know, sometimes you play a match and you win; you have no feeling; you go on the court and you feel like you didn't play a match. So for me, I have this feeling right now.

Q. Have you ever had that feeling after playing five sets? That is a long time to be out on the court.

MARC ROSSET: When you play like five sets you play three hours at least. We play five sets and we play less than three hours, I mean, I am even not tired, you know, I can play five more sets, and so it is strange.

Q. Do you think this this match today was a reason maybe why tennis should be changed; why the game is all serve?

MARC ROSSET: No, maybe -- I don't know. I don't know. It is not my you know, I am not thinking about that. I just tried to concentrate to play tennis and but I am sure that maybe for the people today was no fun to see this match.

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