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December 11, 2022

Lauren Hartlage

Mobile, Alabama, USA

Magnolia Grove

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Lauren Hartlage. I know it wasn't the last day you were looking for, but you're in the top 20. You got better status than you did this season. Just kind of evaluate your last couple weeks.

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, really proud how I ended this tournament. Put a lot of work coming into this and it was definitely a grind out here; these eight rounds stuff.

Today wasn't as great as I was hoping, but I gave myself some good opportunities and held it together so I'm excited for next year.

Q. How excited are you to have better status? Give you a few more starts to maybe hold on to the card a little firmer next year.

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Definitely, because last year I felt like I had so many tournaments where I was like, am I going to get in, am I not, so it was so hard to plan.

I'm excited that I can at least begin my schedule knowing what I'm going to do so I can plan better. I feel like I was in limbo so much last year, so...

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