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December 10, 2022

Lauren Hartlage

Mobile, Alabama, USA

Magnolia Grove

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Lauren Hartlage. Sitting now at 21-under, 4-under today. You've had I think six of the last seven rounds in the 60s out here in lower Alabama. Just evaluate your round today.

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, it's definitely been the ball striking for me that's kept me in those 60s rounds. I've been hitting the ball really well. Hit most of the fairways and hitting a lot of greens and gave myself some really good opportunities for birdie.

Q. I saw you on the range early this week. What have you been working on in your ball striking that's really been working for you?

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, I think just a little bit of momentum and making sure I get a full turn. Sometimes when I get anxious or nervous I can have some quick swings.

So just making sure I have a full turn in my golf swing in my golf swing is the main thought I've been having this week.

Q. Walk me through some of the highlights. You had four birdies and no bogeys, which is always nice. Front nine looked a little interesting. Started with one and ended with one. Walk me through the front nine.

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, I hit a really good putt on the first hole about 15 feet, and then I really didn't make anything after that. It was kind of stale. You know, that birdie on 9 was nice, so then kind of keeping that momentum to the back nine, just giving myself some good looks.

Q. Birdied two of the last three. Did I see that right?

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yes, I did, yeah.

Q. Walk me through those last three.

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, on 16 I had a good shot to about three feet; made that one.

Had a pretty long two-putt on 17 that I was really proud of.

And then the last hole I hit it to about ten feet and made that one.

So some good momentum going into tomorrow.

Q. We talked about it all week; been in this position; you're within a sniff; 18 holes left. What's the mindset?

LAUREN HARTLAGE: Just keeping the same mindset. Taking it shot by shot and staying in the present moment. Trying not to get ahead of myself and just keep doing the same game plan a that I've been doing all week.

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