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November 29, 2022

Dewi Weber

Mobile, Alabama, USA

Magnolia Grove

Quick Quotes

Q. So just kind of starting off, can you tell me a little bit about your season and leading up to now.

DEWI WEBER: I think I had a very typical rookie season. There was lots of ups and downs, lots of downs. I had kind of a hard time in the beginning finding my way on Tour. Lots of stuff was new, even though I played Epson for two, three years. It's just different. People are different. The vibe is different. The extracurriculars are a little different I want to say.

Yeah, I kind of had a hard time in the beginning and then found my groove and somewhat later on still struggled a little bit out there. Towards the end of the season, I was like, oh, it's kind of coming together, but it's a little too late.

I don't know, I have mixed feelings about my season. Obviously finishing 101 really sucks. There's really no other way to put it. But yeah, we're out here and just trying to better my status.

Q. I know probably some initial disappointment with ending 101, but you get a second chance out here this week and you have some positive things going on in your life, recently got engaged --

DEWI WEBER: Oh, yeah.

Q. How does that feel, having all that positive energy heading into a week like this week?

DEWI WEBER: I want to say my engagement doesn't really translate to golf very well, but I'm in a really good place I want to say mentally, like in my life. So that's obviously good.

But yeah, I guess it would have been different if I wasn't in a good place, but I don't know, like I'm just trying to get a top 10 here and make sure that I have the same amount of starts as I did at the beginning of the year.

Yeah, besides that, it's a long two weeks. No one really wants to be here. The vibes are always really, really weird at Q-school. But I was a rookie on the LPGA, but I feel like I'm kind of a vet when it comes to Q-school because I've done this now four times, even though I don't want to but I have.

I'm taking this in pretty easy. Not saying that this is easy, but I think I'm putting a little less pressure on myself than I would have last year, plus I have guaranteed starts. It's not that I'm not worried, it's not that I'm not pushing myself because I'm doing this the same as I did it last year and like every tournament on the LPGA this year, but trying to be as chill as I possibly can.

Q. And then obviously eight rounds of golf, it's a lot, and it's a lot over two weeks. How do you stay positive and remind yourself why you're here and why you do this and why you love it?

DEWI WEBER: It's a little cliche, I think, but you're trying to -- or at least I'm trying to do it one shot at a time. I know pretty well why I play golf and why I want to be on the LPGA and all the things that I want to accomplish, and I think those I will try and keep in the back of my mind whenever I feel like I'm kind of angry or whatever. Try and keep that perspective and yeah, just keep it one shot at a time because literally I could hit it out of bounds on No. 1 and I could be really angry with myself, but realistically speaking we have eight rounds of that, so people are going to do that. I'm probably not going to hit it out of bounds, but I'm going to make a lot of mistakes and that's fine because it's eight rounds.

If I remember correctly, overall 4-under got status and maybe 8-under got a full card. So that's only 1-under every round. Not saying the bar is low, but keeping that perspective is kind of good, I think.

Q. Kind of the same approach to that where outside of the golf, it's still a lot. How do you remove yourself once you leave the course and lean on people like your fiance and your family to get you through the next two weeks?

DEWI WEBER: Well, my fiance and I keep in touch every day honestly, and she asks me how it went on the course, and I'm like it's either went well or it didn't. Like it's a very brief answer usually. That's not because I don't want to talk about it, but it's because there is other more fun and more important things in life. So we talk about like dumb stuff. Like I get daily pictures of my dog. We talk about what's for dinner. I make sure when I get to my AirBNB I put on a show or I go read a book, do a puzzle, whatever it is. Like not really being that engaged in the scores or whatever is going on out here because eventually I don't have that much influence over whatever is happening here. I can only really focus on what I'm doing myself, and I know that I play best whenever I'm pretty chill all around and I don't worry about too many things. I know that I can hit good golf balls. I know that I can make putts, so reminding myself of that, but again, I wouldn't really do that off the course. Off the course I try to just make it a fun week because it's freaking hard to make Q-school a fun week. So I'll try to do that.

Q. Obviously being 101, the goal is to get back to as many starts as possible, but outside of that specific goal what are you hoping to accomplish this week?

DEWI WEBER: I mean, I want a top 10 because I know that I can do that. I think I did that last year but I'm not quite sure actually. I had plenty of starts.

I think besides that, if I can play pretty relaxed and I can actually have fun on the golf course during Q-school, that's kind of big for me because if I reflect on how this season went on the LPGA and how happy I was to be there at the beginning of the year and how I didn't really enjoy my time during the year at all like on the golf course and off the golf course, not necessarily -- like at home was fine, but during the weeks I just didn't have as much fun as I thought I was going to have just because of all the things that are going on.

But I think if I can be able to have fun during Q-school and I can enjoy playing golf, I think those are two things that are pretty key for me, not necessarily for this week, but if I can do it in such a high-pressure situation then I can probably do it next year more consistently than I did this year.

Even for me in the off-season I'm trying to enjoy being out here because I didn't this year at all, and that's -- I thought when I was reflecting on my season, like damn, that's pretty sad, like that's the highest league that you can get to, and you're not enjoying yourself at all? That's pretty sad. I want to be able to get that back because I love golf and I love competing.

If I can do that this week, I'd be pretty happy, probably regardless of the results.

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