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November 27, 2022

Lleyton Hewitt

Alex De Minaur

Team Australia

Press Conference


6-3, 6-4

Team Canada - 2

Team Australia - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Guys, this is obviously as gut wrenching as it comes. Lleyton and Alex, can you just put into words your emotions, your feelings? Obviously we know what they're like, but if you could just actually describe them for us, please.

CAPTAIN HEWITT: Ah, as you said, yeah, I'm gutted for the boys. You know, they put in their commitment and the work, and they did everything right. They have done absolutely everything all year that we have asked of them as a coaching staff.

It's not about me or the coaches. We just are trying to help these guys get the most out of themselves. We're just extremely proud of the effort and the commitment and dedication that these guys have shown.

Yeah, they left it all out there once again. We came up slightly short, but, yeah, I couldn't be prouder. I know all of Australia should be proud of all five guys and Kubes, as well, who I put on the court. I have used some different players throughout this year as well. There is other guys back in Australia that were messaging who weren't in the five this particular time. But everyone that played this year has played a big part in us getting through to the final.

Q. Alex?

ALEX de MINAUR: Yeah, as Lleyton described, it's a tough feeling to put into words. You know, we had kind of the ultimate goal in front of us, and, you know, on this day we weren't able to perform.

It's tough, but, you know, so many Davis Cup Australian players have been following us the journey throughout the whole year, and they have been every step of the way. Even though they haven't maybe played or they have played in previous ties, they were riding this roller coaster with us.

It just shows what a family this Australian Davis Cup team is.

Q. Going out for the match, obviously the pressure was on you, Thanasi losing that first one, what did you feel like when you walked out on court?

ALEX de MINAUR: I just had one job to do, and that was to get my team into the deciding doubles. Sadly, I wasn't able to perform today.

It's just tough. You know, you always want to do everything you can for your team, and I had chances. They just didn't want to go my way today.

Q. I would like to ask you, because you have always been very extrovert and clear in your ideas, what is your -- first of all, congratulations, because to reach a final is a great result. Second, okay, for the second year in a row, there is no doubles at the end of the finals, and the finals have been decided by four sets, two sets in the first match, two sets the second match. In the old Davis Cup, four sets sometimes were not even enough to decide one point. What is your suggestion? Something should be changed in your opinion? Nothing can be changed?

CAPTAIN HEWITT: That's a lot.

THE MODERATOR: Ubaldo, the question is clear. Let them answer.

CAPTAIN HEWITT: Everyone knows my feelings. I don't think now is the time to talk about it. Coming here this week, you know, I felt disappointed for the Dutch team, for example. You know, they've got two quality doubles players, and they do all the hard work all year to come and perform in the so-called biggest stage of the year, and they don't get the chance to play a match. I thought that's a failing in this concept the whole time, and no one is listening.

So I can talk till I'm blue in the face, but nothing's changing right now. We just keep putting Band-Aids -- well, we don't, but certain people put Band-Aids on problems. It's not fixing the problem.

I can't imagine, for the life of me -- you know, I came up playing with the best doubles team in the world, the Woodies, at the time. They come into this format and they don't get to play a match? And they have made that a massive priority? I don't think that's right.

Q. Lleyton, what do you think it says about Australian players that both the women and the men's team, neither with anybody in the top 25, reached the World Championship Finals, and can you take, do you think, women and the blokes, take the next step in the next year?

CAPTAIN HEWITT: Yeah. Obviously in both competitions we had good runs. But, you know, neither of us enjoyed the ultimate success.

Yeah, I know Alicia did everything in her power to try and get over the line. They had a great week in Glasgow and gave themselves an opportunity. We are in the same boat.

Yeah, we'll look back and be very proud of what both Australian teams have done this year, but, you know, we came up slightly short.

Q. Can I just ask what your reflections are on this year for Australian tennis at the end of this year? Ash Barty called it a day in March, and since then there has been a lot of success. Reached two World Finals. Kyrgios playing well. Can you persuade him to play Davis Cup next year?

CAPTAIN HEWITT: I don't know. You have to ask him. I can't try any harder (smiling).

Q. But you have tried hard to get him in?

CAPTAIN HEWITT: Of course. I try and come here with the best possible team we could field.

Q. Alex, could you have a go at him and try and woo him on board?

ALEX de MINAUR: I have tried, as well. Just wasn't meant to be.

Q. Because it is clearly shown today that that extra firepower that you talked about with the Canadians, you need to find that from somewhere, don't you, if you're going to win this?

ALEX de MINAUR: Look, I think we were very close today. Yeah. Just wait till the next time we get the same matchup. Hopefully we can get the win and prove that we can do it.

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